Friday, August 15, 2008


Last night I caved in and bought some yummy sugar free jello pudding as a treat. Not that I don't have treats and chocolate everyday, but I have really wanted pudding for awhile! I had one cup with a tiny bit of light whipped cream on top IT HIT THE SPOT!

On to this morning, I was up bright and early after not falling asleep until after 1:30! UGH I have not been sleeping well at all! Adam was already up too, so we sat and watched some tv for awhile. Adam then got to cooking, he loves making big breakfasts so he made corned beef hash, eggs and potatoes! He was a hungry boy this morning. I had my normal bowl of kashi vive, ff 8th continent soymilk and half of a banana with my coffee and splenda/hazelnut creamer. I also did try a couple of bites of Adams breakfast. I'm not a fan of corned beef hash but he is determined for me to grow to like it. haha.

I baked some Oreo cookie brownies for a family picnic that his family is having on Sunday and boy was it alot of work! I'm known for making healthy things all the time but thought "why not?" so I decided to make something not so healthy but fun! We all need that balance. They seemed to come out good though but I forgot to take a picture of them whole but I did take one of the 2 squares I cut for my family to try. Sorry the picture isn't too great :( Just let me know if you would like the recipe :)

We had some errands to run walmart, costco and the supermarket. Adam felt like a buger so off to Mcdonalds we went. I went for their Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken with Newman's Own® Creamy Southwest Dressing It was HUGE so I took some chicken and veggies (while trying to stay clear of all the cheese they piled on) and used about half the packet of dressing. It wasn't too bad for a fast food salad, better than I had expected. Adam got the Angus burger with fries and boy was that yummy but oh so bad. I figure a bite won't kill me. Everything in moderation is my moto. I took a picture of Adams buger and he was not too happy. he does not want everyone to think he is unhealthy, He is 80 percent of the time a great eater. He does enjoy to splurge every once in awhile though which he does deserve ;)

I hope everyone is having a great Friday. I'm off to the parents house for some breaded/baked flounder and my leftover sweet potato fries that I made. Have a great night :-D

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