Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Adventures of Mr. Popcorn

Adam was in one of his silly moods last night. While watching the movie he was eating some popcorn from one of those tins with the 3 different kids in it. He found a kernel that looked like Octopus/jellyfish. He took 10 million pictures of it when I was getting some water!! HAHA so he thought I'd should leave you with some of them ;) ENJOY!

Here he is listening to his Ipod:

Here he is watching TV

Here he is sitting by the "fire"

Here he is having a beer:

Talking on the phone:



Well last night ended up being a nice and relaxing one. The day started with a bowl of Kashi Blueberry Oats with banana, cinnamon and soymilk. I brought a nice big old mug of coffee with me :) The day was nice and easy, only 6 kiddies for me and we got outside for over 20 minutes! That totally made my day!!! At lunch I decided to walk home to get some cottage cheese and an apple for lunch since I wasn't hungry yet and it was nice out. Well the weather turned and it was cold and breezy and the sun was HIDING! WTF?! Once I got back I ate and relaxed durin nap time, and noticed it was flurrying out! UGH What is up with this nutty weather?! I 2 handfuls of goldfish for snack with the kids and around 3:40 (I got out early) I was off to the gym :) I did about 30 minutes on the treadmill and some weights and came home. I was pretty hungry so I had some Archer Farms Pumpkin Spice trail mix and showered. I was trying to figure out what to have for dinner since my stomach hasn't been the best.

One of my little girls had Ramen Noodle one day for lunch and I've been craving it. I have to no fat, reduced sodium one so I chose that and melted some ff cheese it in to make it creamy :) I know this is still not "healthy" but it reminds me of my high school/college days. I also had a couple spoonfuls of Adam's veggie chili we defrosted and boy was it SPICY!!!!! We went to Pathmark to pick up some things and I got tons of grapes since they are on sale :-D

We also went to Blockbuster since I had a giftcard from Christmas. We got Pineapple Express and it was pretty funny. While watching it I snacked on one of my yummy cookies I made Wednesday night with a choc covered peanut. MMM

I woke up uber early this morning and started thinking.. I hate that so much! I made a pot of coffee and waited for Adam to get up. He was up early too, before 8. So he got to making his breakfast and I waited for him to finish up his fried eggs and pork roll. I made 1 egg white and some egg beaters scrambled with Laughing Cow cheese melted in. I also had pineapple on the side. I also may have at my body weight in grapes while waiting for Adam to finish cooking ;)

I am going to hang out for a bit (hopefully the temp will get passed 20) and I'll be off to the gym and to the parents to do laundry. See ya later and I hope your having a great Weekend!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Week From CRAZYLAND!

Ok so I can finally find some time to post! These past few days have been out of control busy. Tuesday I worked 8:30-4 then went to the gym was back at work by 4:45 (quick in and out at the gym) got done at work at 6, came home showered.. inhaled whatever food I could find and was off to the photographer. We booked them! She was GREAT!! and the price was right.. or as right as it could be.. Wednesday was a bit calmer thank goodness Breakfast was a bowl of cereal (Kashi Heart to Heart Blueberry Oats, cinnamon, banana and light original soy milk) and a hot cocoa for work. Because of the snow it was a slower day, and my boss bought us some coffee to warm us up :) Lunch was salad with peppers, onions, cucs, romaine, some roasted red pepper hummus and a light vin that I found in the fridge at work. I also had a ton of pineapple on the side. I did went to the gym and did the treadmill and weights and came home and we decided to go out to din din! :) We're really trying to save $$ with all the money we are spending on the wedding but we had a gift card so we were off :) We went to I got a Blue Moon to drink and the Irish Whiskey Chicken. It also came with a nice and yummy salad, I got mine with their tasty Honey Mustard Dressing. (I completely forgot to take pics since Adam was telling me about work) This was so good and much needed relaxing night out. We came home and I had the urge to bake. I made Eat, Drink and Be Vegan's You Got Peanut Butter In My Chocolate Chip Cookies. HOLY YUM! These are amazing!!! My brother stopped by also to chit chat so by the time I was done cleaning up and putting things away it was past my bedtime!
Onto today, I woke up ready to go. I had a bowl of Kashi Heart to Heart Blueberry Oats with banana, cinnamon and soy milk. I skipped out on the coffee today and felt pretty darn good :-D We got out for about 15 minutes today and it was great to get the kiddies out in the fresh air. Lunch was a bit of the anti pasto that we got since it was pizza day for the kids. It wasn't anything great so I had my dannon light and fit also and some pineapple. At snack it was a chocolate chip cookie that wasn't so great, but I wanted chocolate!! hahah The afternoon was WILD and I was stuck there past 4 ( I won't get into the wonderful details but we were changing lots of kids clothes b/c of sickness)

I went to the gym and did about 30 minutes on the treadmill and came home to relax........... FI
NALLY!!! I had a Lean Cuisine Panini since I didn't really want to think about cooking or figuring out what to eat. This was the Chicken Tuscan and boy was it good! I had it with some pretzels on the side. I also might have had some pickles and peanuts too ;)

Desert was the rest of my Jello White Chocolate Sugar Free Pudding and 3 chocolate covered peanuts.

I'm off to watch American Idol and Hell's Kitchen with Adam and call it a night! Hope you all had a good one and I promise to see you tomorrow :-D

Monday, January 26, 2009

MIA And Free Snacks!!

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA for so long, Friday I ended up getting the wonderful stomach virus that was going around school :( I sucked it up and still went out for girls night hoping that the beers would settle the stomach or just get rid of it all.. Here's a recap of Friday's eats..I also baked Adam one of those yummy microwave cakes! (trying to take my mind off of the ouchy belly)

Unfortunately neither happened and after coming home at 2:30 am I was MISERABLE on Saturday! A mix of hungover and stomach virus DO NOT MIX! (Just a word of advise) lol

Needless to say I didn't go to the gym on Satuday, I had a bowl of cereal (usual mix) and went to the parents house to do laundry and I baked a chocolate cake for them. I snacked a bit there on chex mix.. since when I was eating I wasn't nauseous anymore. I came home and made up a lunch of Fage 0% with Strawberries and Blueberries and some Golden Grahams mixed in. This was way too heavy for the belly :( I was uncomfy all afternoon! Dinner was homemade pizza on a Flat Out. It had part skim mozz, roasted garlic tomato sauce, peppers and mushrooms. THIS TOTALLY HIT THE SPOT! I also snacked on some grapes and pretzels. After dinner I had 2 chocolate cookies. It was a very early night to bed and woke up feeling much better!

Sunday I had a scrambled egg whites with some laughing cow cheese melted in. I also had a half slice of Arnold Double Oat bread on the side with some butter. MMM Of course I had my mug of coffee to energize me :) I then was off to the gym for 35 minutes on the treadmill and some weights. I came home showered and got ready to go to Trader Joe's for the very first time! We don't have any near us so we drove an hour north to go to one. This place was PACKED!!! It was also pretty small. We were a bit disappointed, but we did get a 3 dollar bottle of wine (white zin) and a 6 pack of TJ Beer to try. We also picked up a few other things to try out, at least we got some fun things :-D We then came home and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, which was much needed. I completely forgot to take a pic of lunch but we picked up a bagel with cream cheese for Adam on the way up so I had 3 bites of that and a oatmeal raisin Power Bar. I love those they are one of my favs ;) Dinner was leftovers from dad, grilled chicken with tomatoes, black olives, capers, we put it over some pasta and had some salad on the side. For dessert I whipped up some sugar free white chocolate jello pudding. I used 1 cup of skim milk and one cup light 8th continent since I finished up the skim milk, it tasted very yummy!

Today's eats was Oats for breakfast (banana, cinnamon, water, soy milk, grapenuts) and brought my mug of coffee to work. At snack time I had 2 animal crackers (they were calling my name) haha Lunch was Light and Fit yogurt with apples and pineapple on the side. This did not like my belly and it made noises all afternoon! I had a handful of pretzels hoping that would calm it but no such luck! I went to the gym after work and did 2.5 miles on the treadmill and came home. When I got home I saw I got a surpise from FoodBuzz!! I got the new Quaker True Delights to try :-D When I try them I"ll let ya know which is my favorite!!!! I promised Adam I'd make him grilled cheese tonight so we both had that for dinner. We made it on Arnold double oat bread, this bread is so good and filling! On the side I had some pretzels, and a pickle. I also had a few spoonfuls of Adam's Campbell's Select Harvest Italian Wedding Soup. We ran some errands and came home, once home I had some pudding from last night and a few chocolate covered peanuts. SO GOOD! Its now time for me to do some abs and watch some Monday night tv :-D Have a great night and see you tomorrow!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Need to Buy a New Car ASAP!

Hey there... I woke up again before my alarm clock today :( I know its good to wake up without an alarm but I wish I was sleeping longer ya know? I got up and got ready.. made a bowl of Kashi Oat Flakes & Wild Blueberry Clusters with cinnamon, banana and light soy milk. I also had the usual cup of coffee for workage.. I went out to my car and guess what!!!! IT WOULDN'T START!!! Needless to say I was not a happy camper. I dropped my gym clothes back off in the apt and walked to work. It was very very chilly but I just said forget it, I'll walk back at lunch and pick up Adam's car. The morning went by pretty quick (thank goodness) and it was time to walk back home to pick up the car. I got back to work and ate my Light and Fit Lemon with cantaloupe and pretzels. YUM YUM. At snack time this afternoon I had some more pretzels just to munch because I felt like a bottomless pit today! (I'm thinking b/c the stress of the car) I then got out around 3:45 WOOHOO for getting out early, and went to the gym. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and weights and came home. When I got home I had about 2 handfuls of these tiny grapes we picked up at Foodtown this week. We did leftovers again since our fridge was filled with them. I had Annie's Mac and Cheese with tuna, on the side I had a pickle too :) tuna with pickles is one of my perfect meals.
(I have no idea why the mac and cheese uploaded sideways!)
I also had some of the roasted veggies that Adam had. I ate them cold out of the container.. They were quite tasty! We ran out to pick up some salads to have with dinner tomorrow night. My dad gave us a chicken dish that he made to try. (He wants me to make cheesecake for him this weekend so he's bribing me with dinner) Works for me!! When we got home I had 2 more of those yummy choc choc chip cookies, only 3 more left.. Thank goodness!! Tomorrow is a girls night out so I'm off to read some magazines and relax! tomorrow is supposed to be toasty! 45 degrees WE'RE HAVING A HEATWAVE HERE IN JERSEY!! hahah Have a great night and see you all tomorrow :-D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Crazy Days...

Good Evening All!
Hope you had a wonderful day. Mine started out before my alarm went off, darn me and my late night water drinking! hahah. I got up and got ready and made a bowl of oats and turned on the coffee pot. My oatmeal today had the usual, oats, water, soy milk, cinnamon, grapenuts and banana. MMM It was almost too much for me to finish, but don't you worry I shoveled it in ;) I also had a spoonful of sunflower butter.. I brought my mug o' coffee with me and was off in the cold to work. Today was a crazy day. The Kindergartners had their "Ball" for the Inauguration. It was so cute to see them, but the chaos started and just didn't stop! Lunch was cottage cheese and a small apple. That did not fill me up much so I snacked on 2 choc chip cookies and some pretzels. That seemed to do the trick ;) I left after 4 today b/c of the craziness and some inconsiderate coworkers.. I had 2 more cookies out of frustration and was off to the gym. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and just some leg presses.. I was dragging today :( I came home to an empty apartment since Adam had a class tonight for work. I cleaned up a bit and snacked on some veggies that Adam had made.

After showering and putzing around I made a cinn raisin pb and jelly sandwich on a sandwich thin with Brother's All Natural Potato Chips. I may have also eaten my body weight in grapes and cookies tonight. It was just one of "THOSE" nights.. I hate when I get on those eating binges.. I really need to stop! I went psycho and threw away a bunch of candy that I had laying around and gave my brother a bunch of cookies I had made! I redid my report cards and now I just have to do my comments.. Which will take some thinking... something I was not up for tonight!! hahah I'm now off to relax and stalk... I mean check things out on facebook :-P Have a great night and see yall tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wishing The Week Away!

Hey Ya All!

Sorry I didn't make it yesterday on here, I went right from work and came home got ready and was off to Adam's cousins son's birthday party last night. It was a fun shindig and ate way too much! Big surprise I know ;) there was lots of pasta, sauce, bread and salad, oh and can't forget the chocolate and carrot cakes! MMMMM YUM! Needless to say belly is not thrilled with me today, but I still kept on eating. Breakfast was a bowl of then ends of a few cereals with Light Original 8th Continent with banana and cinnamon, there was also a nice mug of coffee with me for work. Work was NUTS today the morning was lots of crying and craziness :( I was so glad for lunch time even though I wasn't even hungry. I had a Campbell's Soup at hand Tomato with 25% less sodium. I had some Wheatables on the side while we talked about the new president!!! Snacktime came in the afternoon and I had a big chocolate chip cookie with the kiddies. I was off to the gym around 4ish and did 30 minutes on the treadmill and some weights. I was home a bit before 5 and beat Adam in the shower :-D I snacked on some dried fruit and grapes while Adam was showering and tried to figure out some din din. I decided on a Chobani Vanilla with strawberries, blueberries and tons of Grapenuts. I also had a couple bites of Adam's leftovers from Saturday night, which was a bite of pork and some veggies.

We ran out to the library and the supermarket for work and came home to finally relax. I had 2 of my yummy chocolate chocolate chip cookies. I know my belly is still gonna be angry with me. When will I learn? I NEED TO STOP BAKING AND HAVING SWEETS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!! Well hope you all have a great night! See you tomorrow!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I just don't understand why people have to create viruses for computers! This must be my 5th one since I moved here a year and 4 months ago.. Its getting annoying! I've been trying to do virus scans (which I am currently doing) after playing on here for hours wondering why its been acting up lately.
Enough complaining I'll recap the rest of my day for ya ;) At the gym I did about 30 minutes on the treadmill and some weights. I came home had some pumpkin spice trail mix and hit the shower to get ready to go food shopping. We ran to Target to pick up a gift for the party tomorrow and some Kashi cereal since it was 2 for $5!! i got the Blueberry Oat one which I haven't tried and my favorite Kashi Go Lean Crunch :-D We then went to Wegman's for our Lunch Date/shopping. I got the usual Super Yogurt Parfait and Adam got 2 slices of pepperoni pizza, we split a diet coke. I also had a bite of his pizza IT LOOKED SO TEMPTING!! MMM No picture though, I forgot since I was starving! lol

We came home unpacked the groceries and Adam turned on the Eagles game. I got to Lesson Plans which took forever! I just had no ideas, and all my websites were NOT helping me :( I started getting a headache and felt so sick. I took some Advil and finished up my work and relaxed on the couch for a bit. Before I knew it it was time to fix up some grub, I made some Annie's mac and cheese with tuna. This totally hit the spot, after I practically liked the bowl I went back and had 3 more forkfuls of mac. While trying to figure out my stupid computer I snacked on 2 cookies. Now I'm off of this thing to let it finish kicking some virus booty ;) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend :-D

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Hour and Dress Shopping!

Hi Guys! Sorry that I've been MIA but its been a busy weekend! Friday night was happy hour for the girls. We went out alittle after 7 to see Daddy Pop and were home by 10:30, it was my kind night :) Saturday I was up bright and early (since I couldn't breath) and had breakfast (normal cereal and banana with coffee) and started cleaning up the apt. I went to the gym and then to my parents to get ready to DRESS SHOP! 2 out of 3 of my bridesmaids came and they were a great help! The first dress I tried on and mom and me were crying!! UGH! I finally found THE DRESS! At first it wasn't my number one.. but I kept looking and realized it was gorgeous, a tad plain but totally me! Nothing too fancy, or flashy. I also got my veil and tiera too! I'm such a dork but I felt like a total princess :-D There was a little girl there that was standing with her mom watching me saying how pretty I looked, it totally made me cry!!! HAHAA I'm such a sap! The girls got their dresses and looked beautiful in them. I was so glad they were there with me to give me their opinions too. HERE IT IS!!!!
I finally was home by 4 (I ate a yogurt for lunch in the car on the ride home) I was wondering why I was getting a headache...

I helped Adam around the kitchen since he was cooking a pork tenderloin for dinner since his mom, aunt and uncle were coming over. It was great dinner with good company, his family is so sweet and nice :) When they left we couldn't believe it was already 9 pm! The day FLEW by way too fast!

Since I didn't sleep too well Friday night (in my semi drunk coma) I took so claritin to hopefully help my breathing and slept in until 8:30!!!! It was AWESOME! I let Adam keep sleeping and got up and fed my hungry belly. I had a cup of coffee and my bowl of cereal with banana and soy milk. YUM! I'm gonna sit and let it digest then I'm off to the gym in the snow :-) gotta stay in shape now that I got my dress!!! I love me some motivation! Adam and I also have to go food shopping and get a present for his cousin's son's 4th birthday! We are getting him a light bright! That was one of my favorites when I was little, maybe he will let me play with it ;) Have a great Sunday all and see you tonight!