Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Funday!

Hey Everyone!

Why do Sundays have to go by so fast? It flew by even though I was up bright and early at 6am today.. ugh. I stayed in bed until 7:30 and was going CRAZY so I finally got up made some coffee watched the news and checked my email. Adam finally got up around 8:15 and we had some breakfast. I settled on my usual cereal combo since I was hungry from being up for so long :-( and a mug of coffee to keep me going! 002 001

Oh and I forgot last night I ended up trying out the Wii Active after we watched Paul Blart Mall Cop (which was hysterical!!) let me tell you if you have Wii you should get this! Its awesome, I am not big into strength training. I do mostly back stuff at the gym for lifting the kiddies at work so this left me SORE! I really enjoyed it and did it again this morning. You can make your own workouts so I  made a quick 11 minute one with upper/lower body strength training and some cardio mixed in. After breakfast we ran to the supermarket to get there before the Sunday rush. We made it in and out pretty quick and I came home to vacuum  and clean up a bit. I got my lesson plans done for the week too then had some lunch. I had an apple and cottage cheese and had some pretzels and a spoonful of pb on the side :-D 004 003

Once I finished up we went to Asbury Park to walk around. If you know anything about Jersey Asbury is not one of the best towns, but the beach area is getting much better and there is so much history there to take in! I just love it :) after walking into Ocean Grove, we parked close to there, we turned around and walked down the boardwalk in Asbury and I took tons of pictures! There was a cute bar outside of Convention Hall called The Beach Bar. We decided to to sit on the boardwalk and people watch and have a beer. It was so nice just to relax and take in the very interesting sites around. We had a blast and walked back to the car to go look at the Jeep dealer not too far away. I really need a new car but do not want to spend the $$$ UGH!  Here are some pictures from our fun outing!     




We came home and watched some TV then grilled up some chicken on the George Foreman and topped it with this awesome stuff my dad had given us. It had black and green olives, capers, tomatoes, olive oil and spices. I also had a tasty salad on the side, let me tell you I am so full from eating this!!! It was so good I inhaled it like someone was going to take it away from me! (I ate the half of chicken with the sauce on top and 2 more bites of the plain seasoned chicken)033 032

We are hanging out watching Bridezillas and I plan on having a piece or 2 of chocolate for something sweet! I’ll fill ya in tomorrow on what it is ;) Hope everyone had a great weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Do you have Wii Fit and Wii Active? Which do you like better?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Long Post

Hey Guys! I’ve been a bad blogger again! I don’t know how the days just flew by! lol Lets see.. I’ll try to give you a quick recap of Thursday and Friday.

Thursday I had a bowl of the usual cereal and my mug o’ coffee that I brought to work.  


Lunch was yogurt, granola, Watermelon and some pretzels. I did 2.5 miles at the gym since I didn’t walk to work and lifted. Dinner was Pizzas on flat out wraps with mushrooms, peppers, tomato sauce and part skim mozzarella. I also had a pickle on the side and maybe a few un pictured chips :-P 010

We went to BJ’s after dinner since we got a free trial membership and picked up some things that Costco doesn’t carry. On our way home we witnessed a bad accident. It had been misting all day and a girl jumped the curve on an off ramp and jumped onto our ramp right in front of us! Needless to say we stayed there until help came, so it was a late night for us :( Thank goodness the girl just had a bruised up face! It was so scary!!! After all of that I needed some CHOCOLATE! I had pictured times 3.. oopps.. gotta love stress! 


Friday was a GNU bar with my coffee (I had 2 cups and was extremely jittery!)   




The morning dragged since we still couldn’t get outside. Once lunch came I was ready to take a break.. I wasn’t very hungry but that really is my only chance to eat during the day…so eat it was. Until a car backed into our school! Thank God no one was hurt but we were sitting there and this old woman was backing out of her spot from the dog groomer we share a parking lot with and she backed right into the building! It was right were we were eating lunch and we all just sat there watching the car come at us through the window! WTF? It was not a good day with cars for me! I finally finished up my apple and cottage cheese and some nuts on the side and got back to work. After work I did 2 miles on the treadmill and came home, after the craziness of Thursday night my stomach was not a happy camper and I was feeling pretty yucky :( My brother’s Senior prom was at 7:30 and pictures started at 6:30 so I made myself up tuna on a wasa with sweet potato fries and a pickle.and a slice of Cabot 50% reduced fat Cheddar Cheese. MMMMMM016

Me and mom then headed off to take some pictures of everyone. WOW let me tell you prom dresses are nothing like they were 10 years ago! Almost every girl had a short short dress on! CRAZY!!  Here’s a picture of my brother (trying to be a mobster:-P) He’s on the left, he and his bf showing off their state champ rings from football this year..


I can’t remember what else I snacked on through out the night. We did go to Barnes & Nobles and I got a Diet Root Beer and had 2 bites of Adam’s pb cup cookie. I know there were snacks at home but I don’t remember what they were!! hahah

Today I got up around 7:30 checked my email and had some coffee and cereal. Today’s mix was All Bran Strawberry Medley with some Jumbo Rice Krispies, banana, Light Soymilk and cinnamon. 


I also had some pineapple because I was still hungry. I went to the gym did 2.25 miles and lifted and went to the parent’s house for laundry and baking. I baked a cake and some break and bake cookies for the family ;-D Once home I got some shiznat done and made up some lunchage. I had a Oikos Vanilla with strawberries, blueberries and tons of honey nut cheerios. I also had a few pretzels and a piece of chocolate. The last 2 got in my mouth way before I was near a camera ;)


Adam came home and we went up the Belmar boardwalk since it is beautiful out! we did about 1.75 miles (my feet hurt b/c I was wearing flip flops and my tootsies are not used to them just yet!) We picked up a movie to watch tonight Paul Blart Mall Cop and came home to be lazy for a bit. We decided to go out for some din din and hit up a cute little joint called Exit 98 (Our exit off the NJ Parkway) I got a Veggie Burger and it had a TON of Veggies ;-D just the way I like it. It came with home made chips, a pickle, an onion ring and coleslaw. I ate half the burger, the pickle, half the onion ring (shared with Adam) and 2 forkfuls of coleslaw (wasn’t too good)


We are now home getting ready for movie  night. I am so full but think there is a piece of chocolate with my name on it! I’ll let ya know tomorrow :) I hope everyone is having a great weekend. See Ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back To Work..

I could have slept in today of course but had to get up for work… isn’t that always the way?!?!?! Breakfast was something easy a Power Bar in Cinnamon Raisin, I’ve had a bunch of these sitting in my cabinet for awhile so I’ll be trying to eat them up and get rid of them.003

Luckily it was only misting this morning so I walked to work with my trusty mug of coffee. The morning luckily flew by pretty quick even though we couldn’t get outside. By the time lunch hit I was STARVING! So I had a Dannon Light and Fit with granola and walnuts and a ton of pineapple on the side. MMM there might have been a piece of chocolate eaten too ;) myfoods 090_thumb[1] 013_thumb

I walked home from work and snacked on some grapes and peanuts before going off to the gym. I did 2ish miles while watching Oprah talking about debt with Suzie Orman. It made me hungry and scared about the economy. HMMM I think I’m the queen of stress eaters!

I came home showered checked my email then got my weird dinner ready. I had tuna a Wasa Cracker Light Rye(this was my first time trying them) a piece of a red pepper we had left, a bread and butter pickle and a small piece of sweet potato that was left with salsa. I remembered once I started eating that Adam bought Wise Ridgies tater chips and nothing goes better with tuna then potato chips! So I had about a serving of those too ;) 005 004

After dinner I had some watermelon since I wanted something sweet after having those chips. Gotta love the vicious circle :-P We had to run out shopping so I could pick up gummy worms for the kids tomorrow to make up a picture with. We tried to go for a walk too but it was misting and yucky out (Adam has glasses and he was fogging up!) so it was only about .25 mile walk :( darn weather!  When we got home I was in major snack mode. I had a spoonful of my new coconut milk ice cream HOLY YUM! 2 cookies and 2 pieces of chocolate.. UGH I am so miserable now! I NEED TO LEARN NOT TO DO THAT!!! I hate that I eat and eat and know I will feel horrible but do it anyway. I NEED HELP someone slap me upside my head :-P haha

Sorry for venting. I just needed to get it out! I hope everyone had a great hump day! See everyone tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last Day Of My Long Weekend….

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday guys! My family finally met Adam’s, so my mind wasn’t really on taking pictures of my eats…lol I did get in about a 3 mile walk in the morning before the BBQ to see my brother all dressed up in the parade. He was riding on the fire truck, waving and telling us he was STARVING! ahh yes we are related ;)

Onto today’s eats

I woke up bright and early this morning before Adam left for work but stayed in bed until he left. I was hoping if I got up ran to the potty and jumped back in bed without talking I could fall back to sleep until at least 8 but no such luck! No sleeping in this whole 4 day weekend :-( I had some coffee and a bowl of my usual cereal bowl.003

After that I sat and vegged then motivated myself to scrub down the shower. Once I got that done and tried to breath some fresh air after inhaling bleach, I was off to the gym. I love going there in the middle of the day. I got there around 11:15 and there were only a few people there :-D  I did 2.5 miles and lifted, I wanted to do more but after all my walking this weekend I think my legs are crying for a break. Then I went to the library and picked up a bunch of books for the kiddies at work. When I got home I was ready for some food! I had cottage cheese and a pear, but snacked on a few too many cashews and almonds while trying to figure out what to have. There might have also been some pretzels involved too! lol 004

I got a bunch of things done around the apartment and then decided to make Adam the banana cake he liked so much.

Banana Cake/Bread

1 Package Devil’s Food Cake Mix (Any Brand)
1/3 Cup Applesauce
3 Bananas, Mashed
2 Eggs Beaten
½ Cup Milk
½ Cup Chocolate/PB Chips

Add dry cake mix to a large bowl. Add eggs, oil and milk. Blend on low with mixer then add bananas. Pour into a greased large loaf pan or two small loaf pans. Bake at 350 for about 1 hour if its a large loaf or Bundt pan. And about 35 - 40 minutes for smaller loaf pans like mine. Let cool and slice.

Adam got out of work early because of the rain so we went and got a few things done before din din. I traded in a bunch of our Wii games at Game Stop, so I could get the EA Sports Active! I can’t wait to try it out! We also hit up Wegman’s to get some food for the week. They had Coconut Milk Ice Cream on sale for 3.79! I have been hearing such great things about it that I just had to get it. When we got home I tore into it so quick. I just could not wait until after dinner to try it.OMG THIS STUFF IS AWESOME! I got the chocolate and love it! Dinner was a ham and cheese melt with some apple on Wegman’s country Rye Bread, with a half a sweet potato with salsa on the side. I also munched on some TJ’s fake Sun chips for something crunchy. MMM 005

I set up my profile on my new game and then had a few pieces of chocolate (dark chocolate malt ball, and chocolate covered cherry) x 3! hehe they were quite yummy if you couldn’t tell! 


I’m off to read some blogs and get ready to watch Real Housewives of New Jersey!!! I can’t wait!  Have a wonderful night guys! I hope everyone had a great long weekend:-D


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Busy Long Fun Filled Day!

Good Evening Ya’ll

I just got back from New Hope PA and had a great time! Here’s a recap of my day.

When I got up this morning around 7:30 I made some coffee and checked my email before making my same old bowl of cereal (I figure if it aint broke no need to fix it ;) 013

After trying to digest for awhile I went to the gym to get in some much needed treadmill time since I knew we’d be enjoying some dinner and drinkys tonight. I did 2.5 miles and tried out some intervals, I would post them if I remembered them..hahah I came home got my shiznat together and got ready to go. We ran across the street before we left for PA to pick up a few things, since I was planning on baking for a BBQ at Adam’s mom’s house tomorrow. Lunch was in the car, it was a Breyer’s Black Cherry yogurt with TJ’s LF Almond granola with a few walnuts pieces thrown in to the mix and some pineapple and apple slices. I also snacked on some of Adam’s pretzels in the car during the ride. Its about and hour and 15 minutes to get there. First we hit up Peddlers Village, its the cutest shopping place! We tried some wine at the winery there and some pasta at the Italian store there :-D Gotta love samples!!! We then drove back towards New Hope and parked in the High School parking lot because it was crazy packed in the town! We walked around and looked in some stores and then decided on our early dinner… We went to The Landing for dinner and sat outside on the Delaware River. It was GORGEOUS!!! and we made some ducky friends that I fed a random chip off the ground when it hopped up next to Adam’s feet!! 0524091708 0524091710 0524091708a 

hahah I got a Blue Moon to cool off and tried the chopped salad that Adam got to start off with. then for my dinner I got the Ham and Brie melt which was Caramelized Onions, Apples, with Sweet Potato Fries, Lingonberry Sauce on the side. It was so tasty, I have never had Brie before and really enjoyed it. The flavors of the whole sandwich went together so well. 05240917060524091718 0524091738 

After dinner we walked to the candy store where I picked up some chocolate covered dinner mints and a few dark chocolate malt balls. mmm We also went to Suzie's Hot Sauce to pick up our favorite yet a tad expensive Sloppy Joe mix. I can’t wait to have Sloppy Joe’s now!!! When we finally got home I made up some of Veggie Girl's Veganized Walnut Blondies. I made a few alterations like using regular flour, vanilla yogurt, and chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. WOW These came out AWESOME! Thanks Veggie Girl for an awesome recipe, Adam’s family is going to love them!0524092110

I’m off to relax and listen/watch the thunder storm. Have a great night and enjoy your Memorial Day!!


I Love Long Weekends!

Hey Guys! Sorry I haven’t blogged, when I go to I always end up thinking of something else that needs to get done.. I’m sure you know how it is.

I’ll start with Friday, it was a Luna Chocolate Raspberry bar and coffee for my walkage to work. 



Lunch was yogurt, granola and lots of pineapple (trying to finish it before it goes bad). snack time was a few mini Oreos and some pretzels. I walked home after work and had some cashews before heading off to fight with the traffic to go 1 mile to the gym. Oh how I love the summers at the Jersey Shore! Really I wouldn’t change it for the world but I could live with out traffic ;) Dinner was a crack wrap with cheese, veggie hummus and roasted red peppers. I also had half a sweet potato with salsa on the side. There also might have been some tater chips eaten with a pic taken ;) ok  maybe lots of tater chips! 006

We did tons of walking on Friday night, going up to the beach to see the Benny’s (north jersey/new Yorkers) who come and invade the shore ;) We then walked down to our favorite bar/restaurant The Porch for a few beers and just to hang out and relax. I had 2 Miller Lites and came home and snacked on way too much junk! ugh.. Gotta love drunken

Saturday I was up at 6:30 for no reason :( I got out of bed around 7:30 and made up a pot of yummy coffee to get the motors going. I also had a bowl of my usual cereal before getting my stuff together for the gym and laundry at the parents’. 008 007

At my parent’s house I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and brownies for them and ate way too much batter. UGH! Like lead in my belly!!! Once I came home put clothes away and showered I putzed around and figured out what to eat for lunch. I had a yogurt with some TJ’s granola and some of an apple. I wasn’t very hungry after my batter binge ;) 009

Adam and I went to Top Tomato, they have awesome produce sales and the one in Freehold is brand new and HUGE! We got lots of yummy stuff like watermelon for .49 cents a pound!! woohooo and it tastes just like SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We came home and it was after 5 and I had horrible heart burn :( I settled on tuna with celery and red onions with mayo and a salad. this hit the spot! I also munched on some more of those evil but delish tater chips :) 011 010

After dinner we went to Dunkin Donuts for coffee then went for a walk around town to look at the big houses in Spring Lake and dream that we could afford one some day! Once we got home I had a black bean brownie with some frosting and 2 bites of the yummy donuts Adam got at DD’s!


Hope you all are having a Super Memorial Day weekend! I’ll be back later on with the recap of today! After I get back from the gym and getting pretty we are going to New Hope Pa for some shopping and food and drinks! I love that town so much!

See ya later!