Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday is my funday!

After breakfast Adam and I went to Spring Lake town to walk around, they ended up having a small farmers market set up on the main street(aka 3rd ave). I was so excited!! We got some beautiful and HUGE NJ peaches, tomatoes and a pint of blueberries, Adam also got some Old Monmouth chocolate ;) which was very tasty.. We were then off to the liquor store to pick up beer, wine and tequila for the party tomorrow. It was then onto Wegmans, to get some fun stuff. I ended up getting some lunch there for when we got home because I was getting STARVING! I got one of their strawberry and blueberry yogurt parfaits with granola. It was very good and filling! It kept me full for over 4 hours which is very rare for me, so I wasn't complaining.
We relaxed for alittle and watched some tv, and made our reservations for New Hope in November!! I'm so excited, I love going there in the fall its so pretty.
We then had dinner after I made some tequila and lime jello shots for the party tomorrow. They smelled so strong, I am staying away from them tomorrow. by 6:30 we were getting pretty hungry so we made up a nice salad with romaine, carrots, cabbage, red and green peppers, green and yellow squash, tomatoes, celery, and cucumbers. I had mine topped with some I think this is my new favorite dressing. We also had leftovers from my awesome dad! He made breaded pork chops, I had half of one because they were huge. He also made this pasta dish with small egg noodles with green apples, dried apricots, raisins and cinnamon. This was a great dinner that Adam, his mom and I enjoyed thoroughly. We then went up to the beach for about a 2 mile walk, it was so nice and cool again tonight! I am totally loving this cool weather :-D I'm so mad I didn't have my camera but I thought we'd be coming back to my apartment for lunch. I promise to have some pictures tomorrow!
I hope everyone had a great Friday and enjoy your long weekend :)

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  1. Ooh Spring Lake is really pretty? You live at the shore all year? I saw your comment on my blog about Applegate. Where did you go to college?