Saturday, August 16, 2008

Boring Eats!

I guess I should recap last night. Adam and I went of a walk on the boardwalk last night, it was beautiful last night up there. The perfect summer night at the Jersey Shore! I ended up having a martini last night and watched the Olympics with Adam and my friend Kelli. I can make a killer dirty martini, but i made a GIANT one. So it hit me a tad hard, oh well I don't do that very often at all. I also had couple bites of this dessert Adam got from the pizzeria that my brother works at, It was chocolate and vanilla icream cover in cocoa powder. It wasn't anything too exciting but in my world its impossible to say no to chocolate!

Onto this morning just my usual cereal with ff soymilk and some raisins instead of a banana (they weren't ripe yet) and my coffee. Adam had some raisin bran and coffee, he thought he'd go alittle easier today ;) I was then up and off to the gym and did about 40 minutes on the treadmill and did some lifting with my arms. I ran over to the parents to do some laundry then came home to eat some lunch and get somethings done since Adam and I are meeting up with my cousin Kristy and her hubby Kirk for dinner. Its a place called . We are going to celebrate our engagement and enjoy some yummy food! I'm thinking of having the filet mignon, something I haven't had in probably atleast 5 years!! I can't wait :)

For lunch today it was the usual, yogurt, 3 strawberries and some of the "granola bars" it was yummy, but my tummy just isn't too happy at the moment lets hope it feels better by 6 o'clock.

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!


  1. Sounds like you've had a good weekend so far - have fun at dinner!

  2. Boring? I don't think so. Sounds healthy.

    I'll take one of your martinis please.