Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ok so this is the last weekend of "summer" technically. It means the beaches and towns will finally be free of all the vacationers!! Alot has been said about the bennies by a mayor of a certain town.. So I think its good that summer is over and hopefully things can go back to "normal" well atleast until next Memorial Day. I really don't mind the out of towners, It is always enjoyable to watch the diferent people (since I'm a big people watcher) It was actually very quite up at the beach last night which suprised Adam and I greatly! Today isn't so nice at the Jersey Shore and the party for Adam's cousin/my highschool senior english teacher is postponed until tomorrow. That means today is gym/laundry day! My funfilled Saturday late morning/early afternoon :-D
Oh I also forgot to add that last night I had one of my supercharge me cookies while reading some blogs and relaxing on the couch with Adam :)

For breakfast this morning I had half of a multigrain bagel with black sesame seeds toasted with margarine and one half with sugar free raspberry jelly. I also had some cantalope and my usual mug o coffee! Adam was nice and shared a bite of porkroll and egg with me too! What a good fiance. I'm now looking up some recipes then I'll be off to burn off some energy/calories at the gym!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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