Saturday, August 23, 2008

Family Bonding

I had a great time with my little cousins last night! We made tons of popcorn and smores and watched a couple movies. My one cousin even tried to teach me how to play nintendo ds... I have the reflexes of a SNAIL! Its so bad, its like once you graduate college you can not play video games! I used to love them too when I was younger.... guess I'm just getting OLD!!
Well onto the real food of the night. Dad is the chef in the family and always giving me left overs, which I can not complain about at all. I figured last night was the perfect night to have them since I didn't want to cook/cleanup anything. He made a lightly breaded chicken picatta with these new boxed sweet potatoes. I loved the chicken and could have easily eaten another pieceif there was one! I'd definately rather have a real sweet potato over the boxed ones. They weren't bad, but I would rather not have all the added butter and milk and god only knows what else. I also had whatever was left from salad they had made also, it had some greens, an orange pepper (one of my favorites) cabbage, carrots and red onions. I has the salad with some light italian dressing. Oh and by the way sorry for the tuppeware picture of the chicken, I was just that lazy to not want to clean another plate before running out the door! haha
I'll be back alittle later with breakfast :)

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