Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pizza, Cookie, Wine and a Walk

Tonight for dinner Adam and I made pizza on Naan bread with ff mozz cheese, ragu pizza sauce, mushrooms, and green and yellow peppers. I had 2 pieces and some pickles, with a big glass of water and boy was it tasty! We had run out to the A&P across the street to pick up veggies and some things for the next few days, I also picked up a Knot NJ wedding magazine :) So I've been reading that all night!

After dinner we stopped by my parents to check on daddy to see how he is doing, then we were off for a nice walk on the boardwalk. It was nice and chilly just the way I like it! When we came back I poured about 4 ounces of the New Hope Winery Reisling that we had leftover from Sunday nights dinner. I also had one of my Super Charge Me cookies, these two things hit the spot tonight while making lists of what we need to start doing for the wedding :)

I hope everyone had a great night! Only 2 more days left until our long weekend!

Goodnight everyone

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  1. Hi Meg. Fun blog, can't wait to read more. Isn't that naan the best!