Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well I had 13 kiddies today and it was alittle nuts! I started my day with a bowl of Special K Vanilla Almond with banana and cinnamon and LF vanilla soymilk. I also had my travel mug of coffee to bring with me since I knew I was going to need it!
Lunch was a Dannon Light and Fit and some cantaloupe, with a few pretzels for some crunch factor.I forgot to take pictures of the pretzels and cantaloupe. OOPPS
I had walked to and from work so I did about 2 miles at the gym so I could come home and get ready.

Pete and Elda's gets PACKED so we wanted to get there as early as possible. Adam wanted their Antipasta platter so I had some lettuce, red and green peppers, cucumbers and a bite of meat and cheese with some red wine vinegar on it. Then it was on to the pizza!! We got half mushrooms and peppers and half meatball. I had one slice of the veggie and about 3/4 slice of the meatball. They are known for extra extra thin crust but it fills me up pretty quickly! I also had a Miller Lite to sip on, after the hell of a day I had. We then went to Wegman's and picked up a few things for the week. We are finally home relaxing and I'm catching up on blogs before I go to sleep, maybe I'll do some ab work before I conk out! (Only got a pic of the veggie slice I jumped right into the meatball one :-p)

I also had a cookie when I got home just to relax and have my sugar fix ;)
I hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday! Tomorrows Humpday :-D

Monday, September 29, 2008


Here's another recap of my day it was a good one until tonight. I started off with Special K Vanilla Almond with cinnamon, banana and LF vanilla soymilk. I of course brought my travel mug to work with me on my nice walk there. It was a nice light day of 6 kids and for some crazy reason I had tons of energy for a Monday!It was great!!
Lunch was a yummy nectarine and a Dannon Light and Fit, I also had a handful of pretzels. After walking home I had some peanuts and went off to the gym and did 1.8 miles and lifted. I wore my pedometer today to see how much I walk at work and its a decent amount! I came home showered and ate the other half of my leftover turkey burger from a few nights ago with some fries and a pickle. We then went for a walk on the boardwalk since its finally not raining!!!!!!!!

I came home craving the cookies I made last week from Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies is from Vive le Vegan!, p.131. I did something wrong because they came out terrible! I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I DID! I hate when I screw up when I bake. I double checked the recipe and can't figure it out. I did eat some of it though just to see how it was, it didn't taste bad but it just spread out all over the cookie sheet and stuck to it. UGH oh well, at least the rest of the day went well ;)

Adam and I are planning out going out for pizza tomorrow to a famous Jersey Shore Pizza place http://www.peteandeldas.com/ If you ever come this way you definitely have to try it, its a great thin crust :)

I hope everyone has a great night!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Funday

Ok it was another busy busy day today!! I was awake at 6:30 which gets on my nerves! I wake up at 7:30 during the week but on the weekends I somehow can't sleep past 6:30. What is the deal?!?!? I got up around 7:30 and read some blogs and just sat in the quietness :-D When Adam woke up around 8:30 I was definitely ready for some breakfast. I had a cup of Irish Cream Coffee (we got this at Wegmans and its awesome!) I also had 2 low fat Aunt Jamima waffles with some margarine and sf syrup, I also had about half a banana on the side. The pic is only showing part of it. I was hungry and ate some of it before I pulled out the camera ;)
We were then off to the mall to do some registering at Macy's. By the time we were done it was around 1 and we were both starving! I got a ff Chocolate Banana Vivanno from Starbucks, at ate more than a few bites of some yummy pizza Adam got from Sbarro (I love their pizza!)

We were then off to get our haircut at Adam's brothers' house. His wife cuts our hair so while Adam was getting his done I watched his nephew play wii. Then it was my turn, I just got a trim since I want it nice and long for the wedding. We then went over to my Aunt's house since it was sort of on our way home and I haven't seen them in awhile. We hung out there and munched on a few chips and talked. I started to get a headache around 5:30 and realized I need FOOD!!! So we came home and I had leftover Annie's Mac and Cheese with a half can of tuna and some red peppers on the side. OOPPS I realized that I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture! I started to feel better, it was definitely a "hi I need food headache" We then went to my parent's and Adam's moms to drop off leftovers from last night for both of them to try. I was finally home for good around 6:45 after going since 10:30 this morning and was ready to relax. I lit a new candle I got from Yankee Candle (Autumn Leaves) and am eating a chocolate chip cookie and drinking some water. Gotta rest up for another work week!

I hope everyone had a nice Sunday! See you tomorrow night :-D

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adam Cooks :-D

For dinner tonight Adam had free range of the kitchen, we had a very yummy Kielbasa and veggie dish. He cut up tons of fresh veggies, celery, onions, red and green peppers, mushrooms, potato and carrots. He sauteed them up and poured in a can of diced tomatoes. It was very filling and tasty! I had mine with a Blue Moon again, we watched Dazed and Confused and I had a malibu and diet coke and one of my chocolate chip cookies. It was my splurge night, even though I wasn't very hungry. Oh well.. haha Now we are off to sit around and be lazy, I wanted to go for a walk since it finally stopped raining but a certain someone isn't up for it. I then decided since we are up bright and early to go for a walk in the morning before the mall for registering and haircuts :)

Rain Rain Go Away

Another rainy day here at the Jersey Shore, when is it going to stop?For breakfast today I had a bowl of Special K Vanilla Almond with a banana, cinnamon and LF vanilla soymilk. I ofcourse had my trusty coffee with french vanilla creamer and some splenda.
I made it to the gym and my parents before it started thank goodness ;) At the gym I did about 41 minutes on the treadmill while listening to my Ipod. I also did some lifting today since I finally wasn't in a rush to get home :-D It was a good workout. when I got to the parent's house to do my laundry the rain started on it merry way. I got all the laundry done, came home and put it away then had a yummy bowl of Chobani Vanilla greek yogurt with frozen berries and some of my homemade granola bars that I defrosted. YUM! This has got to be my most favoritist (haha I know its not a word) lunch! I also had a HUGE spoonful of cinnamon raisin peanut butter. Gosh I love this stuff, rainy days just make me want to eat. The cantalope I bought a few days ago was nice and ready to be cut up so I did that and tried a few bites, it is so sweet and tasty. When I was cleaning up the nice little mess I made from that I noticed something, a ANT!!!!!!!! I had a HUGE outbreak of them last year 2x and it was horrible!! They were coming out of the carpet and were in all my cabinets. I was so upset, we had set up ant traps and everything and nothing seemed to help. Finally I got the Super to come and he sprayed and had the exterminator come too. They finally went away, so needless to say I'm off to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and to the supermarket once again for some ant traps. Lets hope this works!

See everyone for dinner! Hope where you are its nice and sunny!! :-D

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank Goodness for Fridays!!

HELLO to the weekend :-D

Lets recap another fun filled day, I woke up and had some breakfast and mixed it up alittle! I had half of a ww English muffin and a piece of the end of some bread with whipped cottage cheese and jelly. It really hit the spot, something fun and different for a week day breakfast. I of course brought my mug of coffee to work on this rainy day since I knew I'd need it! I only had 6 kiddies today so it was very nice and calm. I really couldn't complain at all :)

Lunch was the usual Dannon Light and Fit and the end of my pineapple! I plan on going and buying another next week don't you worry!! hahah

Then I was off to the gym after work, I did about 35 minutes on the treadmill and came home to make some dinner with Adam. We had http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/sandra-lee/apple-maple-turkey-burgers-with-maple-dijon-sauce-recipe/index.html we've made them once before and they are GREAT! We leave out the bacon bits since I didn't have any but they are really awesome! We also made some more homemade french fries, and I had a Blue Moon with an orange in it. It was the perfect dinner for a rainy Friday night :) OH while making everything I snacked on some grapes and a few peanuts too.

We tried to go to the beach for a walk but it was kinda yucky and since Adam has glasses and it was misting out, he was kinda blind!

We ran out to buy some Honey Nut Cheerios because I wanted to make these http://www.eatbetteramerica.com/recipes/featured-brands/banana-oat-muffins.aspx for Adam. Since he is now living here I can control what he eats alittle better ;) Gotta keep him around as long as I can :-P There was alot of batter tasting here.. Maybe a tad too much because now I have a tummyache! UGH!

I'm now off to read some blogs while Adam watches the debates, I hope everyone had a great Friday! See you tomorrow for breakfast.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Busy One!

Hi all!
Here's my recap of my busy day :-D

breakfast was the usual cereal Special K, banana and cinnamon with LF soymilk and my big old travel mug of coffee. I drove today since we were supposed to get rain in the early afternoon. For lunch (it was pizza day for the kids) the teachers got an antipasto, so I had some lettuce, sundried tomatoes, peppers, olives (both black and green) one piece of some type of salamish type meat, and alittle ham/turkey that was rolled.Didn't have my camera with me for the salad. I put some of the dressing that came with it on too! I was pretty good and I enjoyed it for a different lunch, on the side on had my pineapple that I had brought for lunch.

After work I ran to the gym and did about 2.25 miles and came home and got in the shower. It was then time to start on dinner, which was Annie's Mac and Cheese with tuna for me. Adam had the mac and cheese with 2 turkey hot dogs, I tried a bite and they were YUMMY! OH and we also each had a pickle on the side, I saw them in the fridge and NEEDED one.. hahah

We then ran to Wegman's because we planned out some meals for the weekend (this is a very rare thing for us to plan more than one meal!!) I came home and did a few things and ate a chocolate chip cookie and some peanuts, they were calling my name. The cookie and peanuts were in my belly before I realized I forgot to take a picture.. OOPPS! I am finally relaxing and I'm pretty pooped! I can't wait for tomorrow at 3:30!!

Hope everyone had a great Thursday! One more day to go!! :-D

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Back!

Wow I've had a busy couple days! Yesterday I felt like a chicken without a head! I woke up an had some Special K cereal with banana and lf soymilk and coffee in my travel mug ;) The morning flew by and then lunch came and I had some Dannon Light and Fit yogurt and pineapple (the yogurt was on sale and the pineapple is going bad! so you will be seeing it everyday :-p) I practically ran home (since I walked to and from work) and jumped in the shower... got ready made a almond butter and jelly sandwich and brought one of my cookies and was off! I was up in Old Bridge by 5:30 and met up with my cousin, she drove us to the Izod center where we paced around until around 8:30 when Natasha Beddingfield came on. NKOTB came on around 9:20, I was already to pass out! It was a great concert, I wasn't really expecting much! LOL but we had great seats and they put on a good show! I'll have to steal some pictures from my cousin to put up!
I finally got home at 1am and was exhausted! I came home and munched on some grapes just because I was tired and wanted something..lol

This morning I woke up still tired and had a bowl of cereal as usual and my travel mug of coffee (alittle stronger than normal) I was then off to work (I walked again). Oh and before I left I snacked on some peanuts because I was cranky and just hungry.

Lunch was yogurt and pineapple and a cookie, I know so exciting. I was then off to the gym after work and did about 1.8 miles, since I had walked about a half mile to and from work. I also lifted alittle, my body is just so tired I figured not to push it I just feel yucky!

I came home and showered and had a nice big salad with romaine, roasted red peppers, red onions, carrots, and cabbage. I also threw on some croutons and Newman's Own Dijon Mustard dressing. I also had the end of my left over veggie loaf with some tomato sauce :)

We tried to go for a walk on the boardwalk and it was WINDY!! It ended up being a very short walk about a half mile. Instead we went and walked around Foodtown and bought some food for the next couple days. I came home and cleaned up, did some ab work and ate another cookie. It is now time to read some blogs and relax.

I hope everyone had a great last couple of days!!! see you tomorrow :-D

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Payment Down!

Hello all!
I hope everyone had a great Monday like I did! I woke up sleepy, chowed down on some Special K Vanilla Almond with banana, cinnamon and LF soymilk. I took my cofee to go today in my travel mug and was off. I only had 6 kids today and it was great!!! I was happy and the morning flew by, we played outside and did some sponge painting and dancing :-D

Lunch was in my car while on the phone trying to figure some things out about the wedding. I had a Genisoy arctic mint protein bar and some pineapple (for pic since I was in the car on the phone)

Around snack time I had a decent size handful of raisins, just alittle something for the belly since the kids were eating and all ;)

I went to the gym today and did 2 miles on the treadmill and some upper body lifting and came home to go and put in our first deposit for The Breakers :-D We are very excited. We finally got home around 5:15 and I was hungry, so I decided on a Chicken, Spinach and Mushroom Lean Cuisine panini for dinner and some leftover fries from last nightI had them with some BBQ sauce and some Honey Mustard from Wegmans. I'm a big "dipping" person! I sat and enjoyed it completely, I love how something so easy can be so enjoyable! It really hit the spot tonight, and filled me up maybe too much!

Adam and I then went for a walk around near our apartment, about a mile and a half. I'm now all clean and relaxing with a cookie and reading some blogs. ooopps took a bite out of it then remembered to take the picture :-p

Have a great night! I'll try to post tomorrow after work but I need to be on the road by 4:50 to get to my cousins house for the New Kids On The Block concert at the Izod center. Should be an interesting night!! I'll try and take lots of pictures ;)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wedding Registering Fun!

So glad that we finally set a date and picked a place!!!!! I did have my Blue Moon with an orange slice and it hit the spot. I waited for Adam to finally get his butt here to start making dinner. We cut up a Yukon Gold potato for french fries, we sprayed some garlic olive oil spray on them and sprinkled with fresh ground sea salt. While out today we picked up alittle over a pound of lean ground turkey, and added that awesome sloppy joe from New Hope. I had a half of a whole wheat english muffin piled high with turkey sloppy joes and a bunch of fries.It was an awesome dinner and after I was done with what was on my plate I had a few more fries and 2 more forkfuls of the sloppy joe while putting away the leftovers ;) We then walked over to my mom's house to pick up the stuff on the Breakers since we gave it to them to look at. We have already picked out all the food for the wedding! I'm so excited! We are now looking at registry stuff, gotta love being able to pick out your own gifts!Oh and I forgot that I had one of my cookies that I made yesterday. I hope everyone had a great weekend! see you tomorrow for a recap :-D

We Picked One!!!

Lets start with breakfast then I'll get to the exciting stuff!! After my shower I made up 1/3 cup egg beaters mixed with some skim milk and shredded mozz and popped in in the microwave. I also had a Boca sausage patty with tons of ketchup! YUMMMY! While microwaving I snacked a a huge handful of grapes.
We were then off to walk the boardwalk for a little before meeting mom at the Breakers :-D It was a gorgous morning at the Jersey Shore, with a nice breeze but you could tell the sun was hot hot hot! We met up with mom and went in, we walked around the ballroom and then into the room for the cocktail hour. I knew it was the "one" when I heard My Girl by the Temptations playing. I grew up going there with my mom and dad and since I've become such a sap I almost started to cry! hahahah Its so great there and brings back great memories :-D I was very tempted to ask for a coke to spill all over the crisp white table clothes for old time sake! :-p Everything about it is perfect, the view, the food, the atmosphere!! We went to the two others, and liked the White Sands, but it was out of our price range. Weddings are EXPENSIVE!!

After looking at 2 of the 3 we stopped and grabbed Adam a sub from Jersey Mikes and come home to relax for a few before we were up and out again. I had 2 bites of his Italian sub, couple bites of a HUGE pickle he got there and a bowl of Special K Vanilla Almond with LW Soymilk. I also had more grapes, and a bottle of Diet Coke. After leaving the last place we went to Shoprite to pick up some things for the week and some ground turkey for Sloppy Joe's. We get this awesome kind of sauce from http://www.suziehotsauce.com/ whenever we go to New Hope PA. Its expensive, but we only eat it once a year ;) our little splurge!When I got home and was unpacking our food I had some walnuts since I didn't eat much for lunch and was getting alittle hungry. I also had a craving for a Blue Moon with an orange, so we picked that up. We need to celebrate setting a date and find a reception site! So since I'm done cleaning and vacumming I'm going to pop a beer and wait for Adam to come home from closing up his mom's pool. See you for dinner !

Date Night at Barnes and Nobles

Yes we are DORKS! First off I will fill you in on dinner, I was feeling kinda icky from the sun so I kept it light. I had a Fage 0% with tons of frozen berries and a half cup mix of Total and Kashi Go Lean Crunch (I mixed them together b/c they were both almost done) Adam made meatballs and pasta, which was amazing! I ofcourse had to try a bite, I did realize that I don't really enjoy non-whole wheat pasta anymore! But boy were those meatballs tasty, since I don't eat red meat often! It was only one bite but it made me very happy! We were then off for a nice walk on the boardwalk, it was nice and cool perfect walking weather! The waves were pretty rough and the surfers looked like they were in heaven. We then were on our way to B&N, for some light reading and a cup of something. I picked a bunch of trashy mags and a Weird NJ to look at with a bottle of IBC diet rootbeer (I had a craving) The place was PACKED! I guess our great idea of date night at B&N was also a ton of other peoples too! we found couple of chairs and plopped down. I scanned my magazines and had a bite of Adam's peanut butter cup cookie MMMM. Around 9 I couldn't keep my eyes open so we packed up and bought the Weird NJ and a Carribean one that Adam was looking at and came home. Once I was home I finally started to get hungry. My stomach gets so weird from sun/heat. I had some pineapple and peanuts so I didn't go to bed hungry. It was perfect but ofcourse I inhaled it before I got to the camera :-P
I hope everyone had a great Saturday and I'll be back alittle later for breakfast hopefully!! Since we have 3 appointments for Reception sites today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

here's where we are looking!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunburned Saturday!!

Hello everyone! I thought today was supposed to be a nice cool fall day but boy was I wrong! It all started this morning, I was up at 6:30!!!!! For no reason at all, I was not a happy camper. I decided since I was up I might as well be productive so I started to clean up the kitchen as quietly as I could, since Adam was asleep. He woke up about 15 minutes later because he thought there was something wrong. (NOPE I'M JUST A SPAZ!!)
I then made up some coffee and went to shower while he made his breakfast, today was eggs and Canadian bacon. I tried a bite of each, but I had brought over my cottage cheese and bagel to my parents house to have while I did my laundry today. So around 10 I started to trek over to the parents house. It was gorgeous out! I was in heaven it was the perfect day to be sitting out at the field for Joe's game.

Once at the parents I toasted up half my bagel and spread a pretty good amount of the whipped cottage cheese on it and put some sugar free preserves on top. ( took the picture after a few bites.. oopps) I had it on a Barney plate from when Joe was little!! hahahhaha
I also tried some Pasta E Fagolio my dad had made, it was amazing of course ;) about a half hour before we were leaving for the game I toasted up the other yummy half of my onion bagel and put more cottage cheese and jelly on. I was so full!! I had also been snacking on grapes while helping mom upload pictures of the house after the girls decorated.

The game was fun except the sun was BLAZING HOT! My sunburn is horrible! I have the worst sunglass burn in the whole world!! I'd take a picture but its too embarrassing! hahaha

Adam came and got me after the game, Manasquan won 3-0!! woohooo

We then came home and I set off to bake some of these tasty treats! http://viveleveganrecipes.blogspot.com/2006/01/homestyle-chocolate-chip-cookies.html They came out very tasty, I made Adam try one straight out of the oven. I also had a bite and ofcourse some of the cookie dough :)

I'm now sitting and relaxing trying to cool off still from the sun, I took another shower and it was painful. oh well.. next time SUNBLOCK!!!

see you for dinner! hope your having a great Saturday!!
here's a picture of the tree in front of the parents house that was tp'd for todays game! there's also a ton of signs all over the house saying they love Joe!! awww :-D

Friday, September 19, 2008

Quick Question

ok I have a question about cooking tofu.. I've tried it once before years ago and it was a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I had been on medicine and it was reeking havoc on my tummy, so when I thought my BBQ tofu would come out awesome and it came out looking like BBQ Jello I was not a happy camper! I later learned part of my problem was using the non refrigerated kind. Do I press it then freeze it? Do I have to freeze it to make it more meaty like (for Adam) any and all advice will be greatly appreciated!
thank you in advance :-D


OK here's another recap of my fun filled day! On this beautiful fallish feeling Jersey morning I had a bowl of Special K Vanilla Almond cereal with banana, cinnamon and LF soymilk. I also brought a nice cup of coffee with me to work :)
It was a nice light day today, only 8 kids!! I couldn't ask for an easier Friday, lunch came so quick and I wasn't even hungry but figured I should eat and not wait just in case I didn't get down time later on. I had a Wegmans berry yogurt with pineapple and a couple pieces of a leftover pear. I also had a few animal crackers for some crunch :-) I was then off to the gym for a 2 mile walk and some upper body weight lifting. I had no desire to be there at all, I just wanted to go home and be a lump!! lol
I then came home and munched on some peanuts while cleaning up the sink and waiting for Adam to come over.
For dinner I had a small salad with romaine, peppers, carrots and red onions and a few croutons with Newman's Own Asian Sesame dressing. We made homemade french fries, sweet potato and regular ones. I also had left over veggie loaf that we defrosted from a month ago. I really need to clean out my freezer, Its packed solid. We then tried to go for a walk on the boardwalk but IT WAS WINDY AND COLD!! I was walking like I had a rocket up my ass according to my wonderful fiance :-p I dropped off the cookies for the cheerleaders at my parents then ran some errands at Cost Cutters and A&P. My mom called me around 7 to tell me the cheerleaders were already there decorating the house and that they enjoyed my cookies :-D While at A&P I had a craving for ice cream so I got some weight watchers chocolate chip mint ice cream singles. I put about half of one in cake cone with light chocolate syrup and some whipped cream. SO SO GOOD! What a perfect way to end the week :) We are off to relax since I'll be up early to walk to the parents and do laundry before Joe's football game, I love football season :)
I hope everyone had a great Friday! see you tomorrow!

Blogger is being silly and not letting me upload my pictures! I even took ones of every meal today! of course that would happen right?!?!? hahah oh well

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ok another recap of my fun filled day!
Breakfast was Total and Kashi Go Lean Crunch with bananas, cinnamon and lf 8th continent soymilk. I also brought my coffee with me. I walked to work again on this beautiful fall morning, it was so nice I love cool crisp air. The morning pretty much flew by with my 13 kiddies in my room today. I had one little girl finally talk today! She never talks in school and has to go for an evaluation for Autism :( so I was so excited to have her come out of her shell while we were playing with playdough!

Lunch was a Genisoy bar and a pear and a couple pieces of pineapple, for some reason today I was not hungry at all but ate anyway. I love the genisoy bars, they taste just like candy bars :-D

I then had a oreo at snacktime withe kids, they were calling my name.

I walked home and went to the gym and did 2 miles on the treadmill. I came home cleaned up a bit and decided I wanted to go out for dinner tonight. One of my favorite restaurants had Adams favorite for a special tonight so Harrigans it was! Adam got the Prime Rib and I got Salmon stuffed with crabmeat. It came with a yummy salad with greens, carrots, croutons and red onions. I got it with their awesome honey mustartd dressing. I also had a Blue Moon with an orange slice. For dessert was coffee with Bally's, I had a CRAVING!! Bally's is one of my favorite drinks! It reminds me of christmas because my dad makes his own at the holidays. I then came home and got to baking. My brother is a senior football player which means the cheerleaders decorate the house the night before home games. I used to do it when I was in High School and would love it when parents left us snacks, since we didn't start decorating until after midnight!! So I made chocolate chip cookies, the totally unhealthy but amazing tasting kind! Adam, Joe (my brother) and I all tried them and they were GREAT!

Needless to say I am completely STUFFED!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I can sleep tonight with my full belly of goodness tonight :-p atleast tomorrow is FRIDAY.

I hope everyone had a great day, see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Munchie Kinda Day!

Lets see I was woke up at 1:15 am by my neighbor upstairs yelling at his cat to go upstairs! UGH.. I felt like I barely slept after that, and woke up with HUGE PUFFY EYES! I made myself a bowl of cereal (kashi go lean crunch and total) with skim milk, cinnamon and banana. I of course had my coffee in the travel mug to bring to work. I walked again and I could tell my allergies are kicking my butt! I had a hard time breathing and it was down hill!!
The day went pretty smooth up to lunch, I had yogurt and an apple while I called a few places for our reception, we have 2 appointments on Sunday morning! I'm excited :-D I then had a handful of peanuts at 1:30ish. I was hungry all afternoon it was crazy! I inhaled my food in 2 minutes and an hour and a half later felt like I hadn't eaten at all. The afternoon didn't go as smooth as the morning since we combine 2 classes, I have the 2 and 3 years olds. I had a new boy bite one girl and 2 other boys fist fighting! AHHHH

After work I walked back home and got ready for the gym, I did 2 miles and lifted. I came home and showered and had an almond butter and jelly sandwich on German dark wheat bread. OMG how I have missed almond butter! It was the fresh ground kind from Whole Foods I was so happy! I also had some pickles (random I know) and pretzels on the side. We then ran out to Food town to pick up some salad (for tomorrow night) and other random things. We are now home and relaxing, well Adam is on wedding duty figuring out his side of the guest list. I'm eating a yummy dark chocolate sugar free pudding with some whipped cream on top! What a perfect way to end the day!