Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I ended up walking to my parents house again, because I can not sit still! I had some pictures I had printed up come today so I brought them over to my mom and hung around for alittle and munched on some grapes. When I was walking back home some creepy guys that I had seen when walking to the parents were still lurking and the one had a TERRIBLE pick up line for me. I hoped on the phone with my cousin and kept walking! Once home I decided on some Annie's mac and cheese and some leftover tuna salad. It was so good and really filled me up to the point that I thought I would burst!

Then the boyfriend called and decided to go out to grab him some food since he got home so late. We decided on a place called surf taco, since he had never had it before. I wish I had taken pictures, since I did try some but there was something else on my mind. The beautiful ring that he gave me! I knew it was coming, but still it made me cry! It's so beautiful :) We then had to go to the parents to tell them the BIG NEWS. I cried like a baby, but it was happy tears. So now its time to start planning my fall 2009 beach wedding!

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