Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Same Stuff... Different Day....

Good morning all! I actually slept in until 8 today.. Boy was I happy, I watched 2 episodes of the Nanny (educational stuff I know) and then was ready for some breakfast. My tummy just still isn't right after all the junk I've been eating :( So I had my bowl of Kashi Vive with ff soymilk and half a banana. I also had coffee with ff hazelnut creamer and a packer of splenda. It was yummy but now I'm so full.

I did some ab work while watching Regis and Kelly, the gym will be coming up soon.. But for now I'm thinking about doing some stuff for work, getting my welcome back bulletin board ready by putting my new kiddies names on the school bus :) I love back to school time and the fall! I can't wait to go apple picking in about a month and start baking lots of yummy things :-D

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday


  1. Oh I love all those things about fall! It's so weird because over here we're looking forward to spring :) but you're getting me excited for all the things going on at home. I'm going to live vicariously through your apple-picking (... and apple pie baking, I hope) !

  2. Well I plan on taking lots of pictures when I'm apple picking! and there will be lots of Apple Pies/crisps and homemade applesauce!