Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday Recap!

Lets try and see if I remember my Saturday eats... At my parents house I snacked on some nice fresh grapes my dad had just bought. Mom and I were on the computer and looking in my bridal mag for dresses, which was fun! :-D

Then I came home and put away all my laundry and made up for Chobani, strawberries and granola . I had some pineapple on the side also, I ate a few more pieces before they made it to the plate ;) Before Adam and I left for our walk/party I had a handful of peanuts. We did a shorter walk before the party because wow was it hot up at the beach and we didn't want to be sweaty for the party.

At the party I had a little piece of bread with some spinach dip stuff on it and a crackerish thing... I also had one sam adams summer beer. Dinner was a piece of chicken francias, 1/2 a portabella mushroom with mozz and roasted red peppers, some roasted/marinated veggies and a small piece of sausage from the sausage peppers and onions. I also caved into a BIG chocolate chip cookie :) We went up to the boardwalk after the party to pick up some decaf Dunkin Donuts coffee and enjoy the cool night! It was the perfect ending to a busy day. I hope everyon had a great Saturday.

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