Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm going to work today I promise!

Yesterday I skipped out on going and setting up my classroom, So last night I picked up funtack and I'm dragging my butt there today :-D It isn't far away at all, I actually live practically right next to the school!!

Onto breakfast I had my bowl of Kashi Vive (I finished it today.. sniff sniff) with ff soymilk and half a banana and my coffee. I also had a handful of almonds.
After reading a comment this morning I wanted to let everyone know I do snack during the day I just forget to blog/take pictures of it Its those times in the kitchen cleaning up and going oh look at the grapes in the fridge! I'll have a handful, or I'm putting things away and see the peanuts or almonds in the cabinet and snag a few. I promise I do eat! I have been told to gain some weight by my doctor because of some health issues, but I have been a good weight for my height and frame. Thanks for worrying about me though, and I will try to make sure I keep track of my snacks and fill you in on them :) I really should hold myself more accountable to the grazing I do throughout the day.
see everyone for lunch, TGIF :-D

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