Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another SLOOOW Day… Is It Friday Yet?

Hey Girlies.. I had a tough time sleeping again last night, so it was extremely hellish to wake up this morning. I jumped on the treadmill and cranked out 2.75 miles showered and inhaled a bowl of cereal (Fiber One and some Mesa Sunrise from Natures Path, with Unsweetened Almond Breeze, banana, and some raisins. I also had a couple handfuls of grapes that went un pictured.

DSCN2059 DSCN2050

I brought my mug of coffee with me to work and had an uneventful day. The morning dragged on and on… Until a VERY YUMMY lunch. A nice woman who works for an imaging company brought us lunch today. I had a salad with mixed greens, dried cranberries, walnuts, granny smith apple and grilled chicken. It had a tasty dressing on the side and I might have had a garlic knot which was AMAZING and a few bites of a peppermint chocolate cookie (it was like a giant Girl Scout Thin Mint). I was lucky to get out of work early and came home to a napping Adam. I cleaned up some dishes in the sink and hand a couple handfuls of peanuts and lounged with my sweetie since I actually could spend some time with him today!!!

Dinner ended up being a Lean Cuisine Philly-style Steak & Cheese Panini. I also had some more sweet potato fries on the side and an pickle that didn’t make the picture ;) I kind of started inhaling my food and then remembered the picturing taking thing.. I really need to get used to this again!!! untitledDSCN2061

I did some more cleaning.. Ordered some Evil but delish Girl Scout cookies from my niece, (sound so weird to say I have a niece now!!) and did another 1.25 miles on the treadmill and some abs.. I am now sitting down to relax with a Jell-O Dark Chocolate Decadence Mousse cup with some Cool Whip..


Today definitely was not a very healthy day. I need to jump back on the band wagon tomorrow!!

Does anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend? Ours are still up in the air…

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Slow Day=Long Day!

Wow did today drag on! I woke up this morning did my usual 2.75 miles on the treadmill, showered and ate my favorite Pumpkin Spice Cliff bar and chugged a ton of water before heading out to work. I also my mug of coffee.

DSCN2052 DSCN2050

I got in.. called patients and pretty much sat and twiddled my thumbs…. I’d totally rather be busy than not, it makes for such a long day :-( Lunch came around 12:20, a tad to early but it was quiet so I went. I had my usual yogurt, today was banana cream with Kashi Go Lean Crunch and an apple.


The afternoon was just as slow but I was stuck there until after 4:15 because of phone calls and dumb pharmacies!! UGH After work I went to my parents to pick up some of my favorite home made mac and cheese from dad! MMMM THANKS DAD! ;) I snacked on a few cookies while chatting with mom and dad then came home to see Adam before he left for work.

We talked for a bit then I got my dinner all set. It was leftover turkey burgers Adam had made this weekend, with onions. Tasted like a healthy White Castle cheeseburger.. MMM I had mine tonight with a slice of american cheese, ketchup and honey mustard on the side, sweet potato fries and some bread and butter pickles. YUM YUM


After dinner I decided to make up a batch of Hungry Girl's Chocolate Fudge. I over cooked it a bit this time because I was trying to do some Wii Active. DAMN! OH well.. Still tastes good ;) I ate 2 squares and 2 handfuls of grapes after it had cooled and I finished up my Wii Active and mile on the treadmill while watching Extra :) I think tonight is gonna be a veg out and do nothing kinda night! Maybe some Man VS. Food on the travel channel. :-D


What’s your favorite “food” show?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I’m On A Roll!

Wow two whole days in a row! hah Lets see.. this morning started out on the treadmill.. did my usual 2.75 miles then showered and made the same bowl of cereal as yesterday.. except I almost forgot the picture.. so this bowl is half eaten already.. ooppps At work I had my coffee with stevia and coffee mate.


I walked in to a busy morning since I go in at 10 and stay later on Tuesdays. Both phone lines were ringing and there were lots of insurance stuff to be done. Gotta love the new year! Lunch was take out since we had a drug rep come in. I got a cup of Beef Barley Veggie soup that came with oyster crackers and a half of a tuna sammy on ww bread. I had the cup of soup, some crackers and a bite of the sandwich but was so stuffed! There also was a side of diet crack ;) I got out right on time at 5 and came home to see my sweetie for about an hour before he left for work :( I whipped up a HUGE salad for dinner with romaine, cucs, green peppers, roasted red pepper, Sabra hummus, croutons, and tons of salsa!!(I may have snacked on a handful of almonds and a handful of grapes while making it up)  MMMM so good.. I also had a side of home made sweet potater fries. This may be my favorite dinner EVER!



(I’m really trying to get back on some kinda track ;) After dinner and reading the local paper online I did some cleaning and jumped on the treadmill to bust out another 1.25 miles I also did some resistance band for my arms and back and crunches. I was on a roll today!!!

I’m now off to watch The Biggest Loser and eat my tasty Peppermint Patty and have a nice cold glass of H2O! I need to make it an early night tonight.. Last night was one of those nights were I had silly things running through my head all night and tossed and turned until after midnight trying to get to sleep! I hate when that happens!


I hope everyone has a great night!

Monday, January 4, 2010

I Need To Make A Come Back!

Hi there ya’ll! I decided this morning in the shower and after I got on that wonderful scale that I need to start taking pictures of what I am eating.. Or at least reflect back on everything I ate every night. I know gaining a few pounds isn’t a big deal, but these weren’t healthy pounds.. Yes I did eat some amazing meals this holiday, but I also ate my fair share of candy, chocolate and drank a ton of booze! I did enjoy myself though, my stomach on the other hand is a completely different story. So as of today I’m kicking my a$$ into gear.

This morning I did 2.75 miles on the treadmill showered and made up some breakfast. Today it was the usual, some Kashi Go Lean Crunch and some other random cereal that I can’t remember that I just dumped in with it.. haha into the mix went a naner and Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze… and a handful of un pictured raisins ;) There were also 2 cups of coffee ingested today. One with stevia and ff coffee mate, the other just with splenda at work.  


The morning flew by (not that I was complaining at all!!!) and before I knew it I was being told to make a run for it to get to lunch before the afternoon patients started coming in.. Lunch was a blueberry yogurt with more Kashi Go Lean Crunch mixed in and a Clementine. My tummy just has not been right so trying to down this was tough.. On a good note my ultrasound on my tummy came out A OK.. so what the heck is my DEAL!?!?!?


After work I came home and was feeling really munchy, so I decided on some pretzels and 2 handfuls of grapes. I chatted with Adam (since he leaves for work at 6pm:( ) and then his mom stopped by so we could pick out Thank You’s for the wedding, Adam’s Mom works for a printing company! I then made up a PB&J on new bread that we got new Arnold's Double Protein Bread Its got some great things in it:


Health Benefits:

  • 14g protein in 2 slices
  • 18g whole grains (100% whole wheat)
  • Good source of fiber
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • No high fructose corn syrup

I also had some Popchips and a few pretzels too there were more on there.. but I snacked before the camera came out :)


When I was cleaning up and putting a new filter in my Pur water filter, I snacked on about 4 pieces of Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate and some more grapes..


I got some cleaning up done and did another mile on the treadmill.. Now its time to relax and watch some Real Housewives of Orange County since the Food Network is no longer on Cablevision :( I am not a happy girl! oh well I hope everyone had a great holiday!! See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wedding Pictures!!

Hi guys! Sorry no posts yet.. My stomach hasn’t been good at all! Dr. visits have begun to find out the problem… I promise I’m coming back though!!! until I come back for real here is a link to my wedding pictures from the photographer!

go to wedding/sessions then click on weddings.. we are the first couple on that page ;-D


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Need to Get Back in The Swing of Things!

So I was such a slacker today and completely forgot to take pictures! I really need to get back into the picture taking mode ;) I’ll just give ya a recap of my not so fun filled day… started out with a bit over 2.5 miles on the treadmill.. showered and got some cereal with almond milk and banana in my belly. I was trying to be the good little wife and find the box of frozen veggies for Adam and I to have tonight before I left (since Adam is working nights he eats his “dinner” around 4:30) and I don’t get home till after 5 on Tuesdays from work. Well our freezer is PACKED and there was a cave in!!! I couldn’t get the darn freezer to close to save my life.. I was there moving things around for over 5 minutes with no luck at all :-( I ended up having to wake up poor Adam even though he just got home around 6ish from work. I felt horrible but it was almost time for me to leave for work and I was still in my pj’s! OOPPS! Thankfully he fixed it and I was off to get ready and head into work with a nice hot mug of coffee in my hand.

I walked into more craziness there! Phones ringing… patients at the window.. just nonstopness! ahhh! it finally did calm down a bit thank goodness :-D Before I knew it, it was lunch time. I had a huge apple, cottage cheese and about 1.5 servings of Kashi cracker. YUMO! I did also snack on 2 pieces of chocolate as the day went on. Around 5:15 it was time for me to head home to my sweetie since we only had about 45 minutes to spend together today.. UGH I’m not a fan of him working nights at all!

We sat and talked for a bit and then while he was getting ready for work I made up a PB&J on whole wheat bread with some cheddar and sour cream chips and pop chips on the side. I needed some comfort food ;) after Adam left I got a few things done around the apartment and got on the treadmill to do another mile to try and relax a bit. Unfortunately relaxing was not in my future! I did my crunches and some squats and resistance band exercises with my arms.. Then I went to wash my face and saw that our bathroom sink is backing up! And then completely stopped draining.. There is a ton of my hair stuck down there.. oopps once again… MY BAD!!!!!! I called Adam and complained and then decided on going to the ‘rents to pick up their plunger.. It helped so we will see what happens tomorrow… I ended up having 2 brownies since I was in a funk.. Oh well tomorrow is another day right? Thank goodness I don’t have to fit into a wedding dress :-O Hope everyone has/had a great day! See you tomorrow with pictures!!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Long Time No Write!

Hi Guys! Sorry I have totally flaked off and disappeared for so long! With all the wedding stuff I just had so much on my mind… I thought I’d just show ya some fun pictures from the big day and our honeymoon in Antigua! I am determined to get back to blogging again.. I miss it so much!

047 028 034

outside stairs

and on to the HONEYMOON!

honeymoon 056honeymoon 200 honeymoon 018 honeymoon 023  honeymoon 081 honeymoon 124 honeymoon 148 honeymoon 161 honeymoon 175