Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another Busy One!

Hi everyone :)

Today is anothe busy day here, I woke up ate some egg whites and 1 boca sausage patty with lots of ketchup cleaned up and was out the door with Adam to do some more things in my classroom.

We left there and went to his mom's house to find out we are going to dinner at 4:30 at this bbq place in Point Pleasant. I'm not sure of the name right now, so we rushed out to go food shopping ince it was already after 12! We did a quick shop I came back unloaded and just made a quick bowl of cereal since it was 1:15 already and dinner will be around 5ish. I had some Fiber One and Kashi Go Lean Crunch with some skim milk and raisins. I forgot to take a picture since i'm rushing a bit ;) I'm not just trying to sit and relax for a few before I hope in the shower and clean up the apartment a little before we go. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!! I'll be back tonight with a recap of my BBQ dinner and our walk up on the beach (to work it all off ;) while I'm making some fun kiddie cds, what an exciting and fun way to spend my Sunday night.

Oh and here is a picture of Adam's breakfast too! (he wanted to get in on the fun) He had 2 scrambled eggs with diced potatoes/onions and some porkroll. Oh and if your not from NJ and don't know what pork roll/taylor ham is, well here is a link to explain it for you. :-D
It's probably the most unhealthy thing in the entire world for you and I try not to eat it much at all. Once a year is my quota, except for little bites here and there!! :-D

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  1. Oh yes, pork roll is one of the most glorious inventions ever. I don't know what it is (other than some form of pork) and I don't want to know but nothing beats the Jersey breakfast. I lived there for 5 years (Hoboken to be precise) and I will never forget waking up on the weekend, running down to Bagels on the Hudson and ordering a egg, taylor ham and cheese on a sesame bagel. Pure bliss!