Saturday, August 30, 2008

Domestic Goddess

HAHA! I'm so not even close to a domestic goddess but I did clean the shower right when I woke up this morning since I left the window in the shower open yesterday and the landscapers showed up and blew dirt in there! YUCK! Not exactly what I planned on doing at 8am! haha I forgot to add that in this morning ;)

After breakfast and getting my dirty laundry together I was off to the gym for a 2.6 mile walk on the treadmill and some upper body weights. I went to the parents to do laundry and I figured since I was there I'd bake them some brownies!! The batter tasted yummy so I hope they came out good ;) I didn't have my camera since I wasn't planning on doing anything other than sitting with mom and laundry! I also cleaned my windshield wipers since they were streaking alot. I came home and was craving a plain Chobani with berries and granola, so that's what I had. I also had a big handful of peanuts while putzing around in the kitchen.

I think I may go and write up some more names for my bulletin board since a few more kiddies enrolled in my class. I think I might also write up my first week of schools papers for the parents. Adam and I might be grilling tonight as long as the weather holds up! We will be running to the store to pick up the chicken so I'm going to see if I can find those Peanut Butter Cookie LARABARS that everyone has been talking about! I'm so jealous everyone is finding them! What stores has everyone found them in? PLEASE FILL ME IN!!!!!!!! I'm off to do my work and put some clean sheets on the bed. Be back after dinner :-D

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  1. ah, sucks about the shower! but yay for mooching off the parents to do laundry...that's what i'm doing this weekend since i'm going home!

    and like you, i have no idea where to get the pb larabars...they seriously are no where where i live...LOL! hope you find them soon!