Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MMMM icecream and fingerprints

This afternoon I just kinda bummed around, since I was still feeling blah. Adam came over and we hung out and talked about going away for a few days in November :) We always go to New Hope every fall since we started dating 4 years ago, since I figured next fall we'd be going on our honeymoon I realized we had to go this year! I have to say that cheered me up for something to look forward to!

Dinner was nothing too exciting, I settled on a Lean Cuisine Chicken Mediterrean. This is one of my favorite dinners, because it has black olives and lots of squash for a frozed dinner. We were then off to finger printing fun. I was done in a few minutes, so we went right over to the icecream place after driving past it.. OOPPSS!!
I got the musketeer mint and it was so good, but HUGE, and Adam got strawberry and banana and his was pretty good also. I ate about half of mine, while we drove around and looked at beautiful houses. We also drove through Monmouth University, since Adam's company is doing a ton of work there with all the building going on. I always think of the movie Annie whenever I see that mansion :) It was a fun night, and now I'm off to rest up for my big "Meet The Teacher Day"!! Wish me luck :)


  1. Good luck with "Meet The Teacher Day"!!

  2. Best of luck with "Meet the Teacher Day," I'm sure you're going to blow those parents away :)!