Friday, August 29, 2008

Dinner Cruise

I talked to my friend before we left to go on the dinner cruise with her, she said she didn't know if there would be food. I then decided with my stomach being shady it would be the best idea to eat alittle something before hand. I had a leftover slice of the pizza we made Wednesday night with some cantalope on the side. We were then off to Brielle to take the River Queen for a 3 hour cruise around the Manasquan River. Some of Adam's company was also in the same bowling league that Kelli (my friend) was. It was a blast!! There were some interesting people there definately. I had some salad when we finally took off and a couple bites of bread and butter. (I forgot my camera) I then was a bad girl.. hahah and had 3 rum and diets and about a half of a Miller Lite. We were dancing and having a great time, people watching was hysterical! Kelli was out of control, she is going to be the life of the party at our wedding. We then came home and relaxed and passed out by midnight.

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