Sunday, August 31, 2008

Long Hot Sunday!

Today was a fun day, Adam and I were up eary because I had to show my mom how to get to the courthouse in our county since she has jury duty coming up. I scarfed down a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Fiber One with Cinnamon and low fat soymilk. I had some peanuts too while running around the house trying to get ready for her to pick me up. I brought a nice big cup of coffee with me for our ride. I came home and Adam and I went out foodshopping for a few things, since I was out of bananas! (I thought my world was ending) I then made some of granolaish bars that I got from Kath I tried a couple of bites to see how they tasted.. Can't have anyone getting sick from them now can we? I also had a few grapes too while cooking.

I then ate some lunch around 1 since we has to be to Adam's moms house for the party around 1:30. I tried the weight watchers Cherry Cheesecake flavor with some granola and berries, the yogurt was pretty sweet and tasted just like dessert which worked for me ;) It was so hot out, I couldn't believe it!! We hung out and I snacked on a chip with homemade guacamole, a bite of a philly pretzels and probably something else ;) For dinner I had grilled veggies with some homemade pesto from Adam's cousins garden, it was amazing. I also had some fruit salad a few pickles, a bite of Adam's sausage and peppers, a spoon a baked beans, and god knows what else I stole off of his plate! A bunch of people went and played volleyball so I sat and talked with the other non-athletic types and watched the kids play. We then had some cake and cofee, Adam and I split a piece of cake it was a huge slice. We are now relaxing in front of the tv, the cup race is on so Adam is glued to the tv! I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Change of plans

Adam and I ended up going down to my friends apartment that lives a few doors down. We played Asshole (drinking card game) for while, I was the "asshole" almost the whole time! I just wasn't getting good cards at all! I had about one and a half Sam Adams Summer Ale. We then walked across the highway to Applebee's to get some dinnerage :-D Adam and I split a Caesar salad, I then got the chicken portabello weight watchers sandwhich with fruit. I ate half of the sandwhich and all of the fruit (piece of pineapple, some green apple, and a strawberry) We then shared 2 dessert shooter, a chocolate mousse one and a strawberry cheesecake one. I had about a third of them. It was a very yummy dinner and totally hit the spot! We then walked home and walked to the drug store to get some vitamin water to rehydrate Adam ;)
Off to look at some wedding stuff that my friend gave me today!!
Have a great night, see you in the AM!!

Domestic Goddess

HAHA! I'm so not even close to a domestic goddess but I did clean the shower right when I woke up this morning since I left the window in the shower open yesterday and the landscapers showed up and blew dirt in there! YUCK! Not exactly what I planned on doing at 8am! haha I forgot to add that in this morning ;)

After breakfast and getting my dirty laundry together I was off to the gym for a 2.6 mile walk on the treadmill and some upper body weights. I went to the parents to do laundry and I figured since I was there I'd bake them some brownies!! The batter tasted yummy so I hope they came out good ;) I didn't have my camera since I wasn't planning on doing anything other than sitting with mom and laundry! I also cleaned my windshield wipers since they were streaking alot. I came home and was craving a plain Chobani with berries and granola, so that's what I had. I also had a big handful of peanuts while putzing around in the kitchen.

I think I may go and write up some more names for my bulletin board since a few more kiddies enrolled in my class. I think I might also write up my first week of schools papers for the parents. Adam and I might be grilling tonight as long as the weather holds up! We will be running to the store to pick up the chicken so I'm going to see if I can find those Peanut Butter Cookie LARABARS that everyone has been talking about! I'm so jealous everyone is finding them! What stores has everyone found them in? PLEASE FILL ME IN!!!!!!!! I'm off to do my work and put some clean sheets on the bed. Be back after dinner :-D


Ok so this is the last weekend of "summer" technically. It means the beaches and towns will finally be free of all the vacationers!! Alot has been said about the bennies by a mayor of a certain town.. So I think its good that summer is over and hopefully things can go back to "normal" well atleast until next Memorial Day. I really don't mind the out of towners, It is always enjoyable to watch the diferent people (since I'm a big people watcher) It was actually very quite up at the beach last night which suprised Adam and I greatly! Today isn't so nice at the Jersey Shore and the party for Adam's cousin/my highschool senior english teacher is postponed until tomorrow. That means today is gym/laundry day! My funfilled Saturday late morning/early afternoon :-D
Oh I also forgot to add that last night I had one of my supercharge me cookies while reading some blogs and relaxing on the couch with Adam :)

For breakfast this morning I had half of a multigrain bagel with black sesame seeds toasted with margarine and one half with sugar free raspberry jelly. I also had some cantalope and my usual mug o coffee! Adam was nice and shared a bite of porkroll and egg with me too! What a good fiance. I'm now looking up some recipes then I'll be off to burn off some energy/calories at the gym!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday is my funday!

After breakfast Adam and I went to Spring Lake town to walk around, they ended up having a small farmers market set up on the main street(aka 3rd ave). I was so excited!! We got some beautiful and HUGE NJ peaches, tomatoes and a pint of blueberries, Adam also got some Old Monmouth chocolate ;) which was very tasty.. We were then off to the liquor store to pick up beer, wine and tequila for the party tomorrow. It was then onto Wegmans, to get some fun stuff. I ended up getting some lunch there for when we got home because I was getting STARVING! I got one of their strawberry and blueberry yogurt parfaits with granola. It was very good and filling! It kept me full for over 4 hours which is very rare for me, so I wasn't complaining.
We relaxed for alittle and watched some tv, and made our reservations for New Hope in November!! I'm so excited, I love going there in the fall its so pretty.
We then had dinner after I made some tequila and lime jello shots for the party tomorrow. They smelled so strong, I am staying away from them tomorrow. by 6:30 we were getting pretty hungry so we made up a nice salad with romaine, carrots, cabbage, red and green peppers, green and yellow squash, tomatoes, celery, and cucumbers. I had mine topped with some I think this is my new favorite dressing. We also had leftovers from my awesome dad! He made breaded pork chops, I had half of one because they were huge. He also made this pasta dish with small egg noodles with green apples, dried apricots, raisins and cinnamon. This was a great dinner that Adam, his mom and I enjoyed thoroughly. We then went up to the beach for about a 2 mile walk, it was so nice and cool again tonight! I am totally loving this cool weather :-D I'm so mad I didn't have my camera but I thought we'd be coming back to my apartment for lunch. I promise to have some pictures tomorrow!
I hope everyone had a great Friday and enjoy your long weekend :)

Here comes a long weekend!!!

This morning I was up bright and early around 7:30ish but layed in bed until after 8. We watched some of the morning news then made some coffee and breakfast. I had my usual cereal, Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Fiber One with cinnamon and banana and low fat 8th continent soy milk. Adam had the rest of his diced potatoes and onions with bacon and eggs. He's definately enjoying being able to eat breakfast every morning and not eating something while he's driving 2 hours away!

We are planning on a nice long walk today and some food shopping at Wegmans :) A perfect day in my book. Tonight I have to teach his mom how to make jello shots for a party at her house tomorrow.... hahah I was the queen of making them in college (even though I never really did them after a bad experience freshman year!) So tonight should be a fun night and as long as it doesn't rain I want to try for a nice long walk on the boardwalk again :)
I hope everyone's Friday flies by for them :)

Dinner Cruise

I talked to my friend before we left to go on the dinner cruise with her, she said she didn't know if there would be food. I then decided with my stomach being shady it would be the best idea to eat alittle something before hand. I had a leftover slice of the pizza we made Wednesday night with some cantalope on the side. We were then off to Brielle to take the River Queen for a 3 hour cruise around the Manasquan River. Some of Adam's company was also in the same bowling league that Kelli (my friend) was. It was a blast!! There were some interesting people there definately. I had some salad when we finally took off and a couple bites of bread and butter. (I forgot my camera) I then was a bad girl.. hahah and had 3 rum and diets and about a half of a Miller Lite. We were dancing and having a great time, people watching was hysterical! Kelli was out of control, she is going to be the life of the party at our wedding. We then came home and relaxed and passed out by midnight.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

No Rest For The Weary!

Well once again last night I slept horribly, we went to bed around 11:30 and I tossed and turned until well after 2 o'clock! I was so miserable this morning when I woke up at 7:15 and couldn't fall back to sleep to save my life. We finally got up and I made Adam watch The Nanny with me for a little bit before my hunger kicked in full force lack of sleep does that to me :( We then made up some coffee and Adam got to making his breakfast while I just threw some Fiber One and Kashi Go Lean Crunch, bananas, Cinnamon and ff soymilk in a bowl. I wanted to inhale it but tried to take my time while sipping my coffee. I sat and relaxed for a few before it was off to the gym. Before I left though I got a call from a friend asking if we wanted to go on a dinner cruise tonight! She was on a bowling league this summer with some family and friends and had 2 extra tickets. We were going to go to Whole Foods for some dinner and shopping but I thought Adam would enjoy a dinner/booze cruise alittle more ;)

I ran to the gym and did about 40 minutes on the treadmill and some upper body weights. Came home and showered and we ran out to get some things at Target (one of my favorite stores) We stopped at Baja Fresh for Adam to pick up something to eat since he was getting hungry. We then stopped at Starbucks for me so I could try one of the Vivannos. I had the banana chocolate one with skim milk it was very good! I also had a bite of Adam's burrito and a handful of walnuts when I got home. I needed something to CHEW! now I'm relaxing for a bit before I get ready for our fun filled evening on the Manasquan River :-D
Oh and here's Adam's breakfast of a bagel with a fried egg, pork roll and some bacon and cheese. He was a very hungry boy this morning and wanted to join in on the picture/blogging ;)

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pizza, Cookie, Wine and a Walk

Tonight for dinner Adam and I made pizza on Naan bread with ff mozz cheese, ragu pizza sauce, mushrooms, and green and yellow peppers. I had 2 pieces and some pickles, with a big glass of water and boy was it tasty! We had run out to the A&P across the street to pick up veggies and some things for the next few days, I also picked up a Knot NJ wedding magazine :) So I've been reading that all night!

After dinner we stopped by my parents to check on daddy to see how he is doing, then we were off for a nice walk on the boardwalk. It was nice and chilly just the way I like it! When we came back I poured about 4 ounces of the New Hope Winery Reisling that we had leftover from Sunday nights dinner. I also had one of my Super Charge Me cookies, these two things hit the spot tonight while making lists of what we need to start doing for the wedding :)

I hope everyone had a great night! Only 2 more days left until our long weekend!

Goodnight everyone


Hi everyone!
I felt out of my element this morning rushing around to get ready and get to the school early so I could get a few things done before parents and kids started to show up! I tried to take my time and eat my bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch/Fiber One, cinnamon, banana and skim milk. I brought my coffee with me because all of a sudden I looked at the clock at it was 8:29! I wanted to leave at 8:30 so I rushed and brushed my teeth, gathered up my bags and ran out the door.

My new class is adorable! They seem like a great bunch of kids :) The moms and dads seem really nice too which is always a big plus! I'm so excited for this school year to start, I finally feel like I found my niche.

I went to the gym and walked for about 40ish minutes on the treadmill while watching Tyra. I didn't feel like lifting so I'm putting that off for tomorrow. I came home starving around 12:45, so I popped some frozen fruit in the microwave to defrost alittle and had some Chobani vanilla with lots of berries and granola. I also had a handfull of walnuts while I was defrosting :)

Once I sat down with my yummy lunch my cousin called, we chatted for a while and then my brother called me. I thought he was just calling to say he was on his way home from football practice so I ignored it and kept talking. He then imed me on the computer to tell me my uncle just died :( I felt horrible for not answering the phone! My cousin was talking to I screamed (to interrupt her) We both got off the phone and started calling family.

He was very sick so I'm glad he's not suffering anymore because no one deserves it, but its still a hard thing to get through. I feel so bad for my dad, he made my uncle's favorite dinner that my grandfather (his father) used to make. We were going to bring it up to him tomorrow :(

Now i'm off to sit and think for awhile. Adam is coming over for some leftovers from my dad, so I plan on going for a nice long walk with him tonight up at the beach.

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MMMM icecream and fingerprints

This afternoon I just kinda bummed around, since I was still feeling blah. Adam came over and we hung out and talked about going away for a few days in November :) We always go to New Hope every fall since we started dating 4 years ago, since I figured next fall we'd be going on our honeymoon I realized we had to go this year! I have to say that cheered me up for something to look forward to!

Dinner was nothing too exciting, I settled on a Lean Cuisine Chicken Mediterrean. This is one of my favorite dinners, because it has black olives and lots of squash for a frozed dinner. We were then off to finger printing fun. I was done in a few minutes, so we went right over to the icecream place after driving past it.. OOPPSS!!
I got the musketeer mint and it was so good, but HUGE, and Adam got strawberry and banana and his was pretty good also. I ate about half of mine, while we drove around and looked at beautiful houses. We also drove through Monmouth University, since Adam's company is doing a ton of work there with all the building going on. I always think of the movie Annie whenever I see that mansion :) It was a fun night, and now I'm off to rest up for my big "Meet The Teacher Day"!! Wish me luck :)

I should be doing things.....

I ran to my school today to find out no one was there! So I just ran in and ran out quickly, then it was off to the gym for a nice walk on the treadmill. I did about 2.75 miles and a light pace since my stomach is still off. I came home and thought hmmm maybe I should bake something to make me feel better! So I opened up "Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan" by Dreena Burton and decided on some Super Charge Me cookies! I haven't made these in awhile and figured they would be a good snack. I ofcourse had to "test" some of the batter and it was very yummy!

Alittle while later I started to feel hungry so I made up a small salad with greens. red onion, a huge roasted red pepper, green peppers, carrots and some red cabbage. I threw on a few croutons and some balsamic vinegar. Along with it I had some of the leftover chicken from Sunday night. I had more than on the plate, I just thought I would start out small since I wasn't sure how much I'd be able to eat. Lets hope it all settles in my belly nicely!

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday! We are one day closed to the long weekend! :--D

Feeling Blah...

Well I woke up this morning around 8 to the garbage truck beeping out my window, I was not happy! I layed there for a few and realized I had a tummy ache! Of course I actually have to get some things done today so I think after I'm done posting I will be going through the medicine cabinet to find something to make it go away! For breakfast this morning I had my usual coffee and one egg white scrambled with some mozzarella lots of ketchup and a boca breakfast sausage. It hit the spot! I also bought a cantaloupe last night so I cut that up to put in the fridge and had some of that also. (Had to make sure it was yummy and sweet) the stomachache is going away alittle but not completely gone just yet. I'm going to relax for a bit then its off to the gym and my school to drop some things off since tomorrow is meet the teacher day! I'm getting alittle nervous! UGH. Tonight I have to go to get my finger prints done for the millionth time! I was excited though because I always see people getting Tasti d lite and there is a store about 5 minutes away from the finger printing place! So I already told Adam that we have to stop there afterwards! Atleast I have something to look forward to for tonight :)

Monday, August 25, 2008


This afternoon I stopped by the parents house and snacked on some grapes while hanging out and doing some bonding ;)

I was lazy tonight and gave into my pb&j craving. I had PB&Co Cinnamon Raisin pb with some sugar free raspberry jelly on whole wheat bread, with some honey wheat pretzels on the side. I also had some pineapple while cleaning up my dishes in the sink :)

Adam got home from work a little late tonight but we still got in a walk on the boardwalk, we did about 2 miles. It was a warm night tonight, after the past couple of nights up there I was suprised. I love when the weather starts to cool off, the walks are just so much more enjoyable! I then came home and had a Jello sugar free pudding with some light whipped cream on top, and a few more grapes. I really need to get some veggies in tomorrow! I have a nice salad that I got off the salad bar yesterday that is calling my name for either lunch or dinner tomorrow!

I hope everyone had a good Monday, see ya in the morning :-D

I need to gain some control!

Well I went to the gym and did about 2.75 miles on the treadmill while watching some tv, I also did some upper body lifting while I was there. I came home putzed around and decided on some lunch around 1ish. I was so disappointed though once I was dumping my container of yogurt over my berries when I saw it was a fruit on the bottom :( I'm not a fan of those!!! So I then scooped out the berries and did have a spoonful of the yogurt, I decided its not horrible but much sweeter than I would want my lunch to be today. So I pulled a plain Chobani out of the fridge and mixed it with the berries and some vanilla extract. I also put some of my granola bars on top. I also snacked on some walnuts nd grapes while in the kitchen, I swear me and the kitchen is a bad thing! Everytime I walk in there I need to shove something in my mouth. I really need to work on this, I hate not having control over my eating.

This afternoon I'm going over to the parents because my mom has some pictures to show me from her work. I figure I might as well enjoy spending time with them now, because once work starts again I'll be a busy bee! I'll be back later for dinner, I have a craving for pb&j but I know I need some veggies in my belly desperately! we will see what wins ;)

Summer is almost over!

I can't believe this is my last full week of summer vacation! It flew by so quickly, I'm so sad its almost over. I feel as if I barely did anything the whole time. This morning I was up at 8, vacuumed, burned a cd for my kiddies at work and had some coffee and breakfast. I wanted to make something fun, but then decided on being lazy and having cereal. I had some Fiber One and Kashi Go Lean Crunch with skim milk and half a banana. I also had a handful of roasted peanuts for some protein :) I plan on going to the gym soon but before that I'm going to watch Rachael Ray and do some abs. Then maybe later I'll bake something fun, since I might as well get it all outta my system while I have the time!!!

I hope everyone has a good Monday! Just think this weekend is a long one :-D

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Extremely Full

We had a fun dinner tonight for Adam's uncle's birthday we went to the It was very good but we got TONS of food! For some appetizers we got the fried onion loaf, corn fritters and Adam got a bowl of chili. I had 2 onion rings, 1/2 of the tiny fritters and a spoon of chili. The chili was very good, it made me excited for the cold weather. I also had about 2 ounces of a Reisling from New Hope Winery, I think this is my favorite white wine so far. For dinner I got the Boneless Chicken Breast with BBQ sauce, my 2 sides were sweet potato fries and hot cinnamon apples, it also came with cornbread. I had about 3/4 of a piece of chicken, I got 3 HUGE pieces! I ate some of the fries and most of the apples and a bite of the cornbread, I also tried one of Adam's Memphis Cajun Dry Rub Rib (these were quite yummy too!) I was so full after all this! We went for a short walk on the boardwalk and ofcourse when I got back my sweet tooth kicked in! I had a hand full of hershey's chocolate chips and boy did they hit the spot. I'm now off to cut out letters for my bulletin board and make some cd's for my kiddies to dance to :)
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Another Busy One!

Hi everyone :)

Today is anothe busy day here, I woke up ate some egg whites and 1 boca sausage patty with lots of ketchup cleaned up and was out the door with Adam to do some more things in my classroom.

We left there and went to his mom's house to find out we are going to dinner at 4:30 at this bbq place in Point Pleasant. I'm not sure of the name right now, so we rushed out to go food shopping ince it was already after 12! We did a quick shop I came back unloaded and just made a quick bowl of cereal since it was 1:15 already and dinner will be around 5ish. I had some Fiber One and Kashi Go Lean Crunch with some skim milk and raisins. I forgot to take a picture since i'm rushing a bit ;) I'm not just trying to sit and relax for a few before I hope in the shower and clean up the apartment a little before we go. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!! I'll be back tonight with a recap of my BBQ dinner and our walk up on the beach (to work it all off ;) while I'm making some fun kiddie cds, what an exciting and fun way to spend my Sunday night.

Oh and here is a picture of Adam's breakfast too! (he wanted to get in on the fun) He had 2 scrambled eggs with diced potatoes/onions and some porkroll. Oh and if your not from NJ and don't know what pork roll/taylor ham is, well here is a link to explain it for you. :-D
It's probably the most unhealthy thing in the entire world for you and I try not to eat it much at all. Once a year is my quota, except for little bites here and there!! :-D

Saturday Recap!

Lets try and see if I remember my Saturday eats... At my parents house I snacked on some nice fresh grapes my dad had just bought. Mom and I were on the computer and looking in my bridal mag for dresses, which was fun! :-D

Then I came home and put away all my laundry and made up for Chobani, strawberries and granola . I had some pineapple on the side also, I ate a few more pieces before they made it to the plate ;) Before Adam and I left for our walk/party I had a handful of peanuts. We did a shorter walk before the party because wow was it hot up at the beach and we didn't want to be sweaty for the party.

At the party I had a little piece of bread with some spinach dip stuff on it and a crackerish thing... I also had one sam adams summer beer. Dinner was a piece of chicken francias, 1/2 a portabella mushroom with mozz and roasted red peppers, some roasted/marinated veggies and a small piece of sausage from the sausage peppers and onions. I also caved into a BIG chocolate chip cookie :) We went up to the boardwalk after the party to pick up some decaf Dunkin Donuts coffee and enjoy the cool night! It was the perfect ending to a busy day. I hope everyon had a great Saturday.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sleepy Saturday!

Well I didn't get much sleep last night after getting home well after 1am. I was so sleepy at my cousins house but the drive home woke me up! There was a car behind me for some of the way riding my bumper, and I was doing alittle more than the speed limit! I have to say I have a love/hate relationship with the Jersey Shore in the summer. I just get so nervous driving late at night knowing so many people are on vacation and could be drinking and driving :( I guess I'm just paranoid like that!

On a lighter note I decided since I went to the gym 5 days in a row I could take a break since I'm going to the parents house to do laundry and then Adam and I have a party with his friends to go to. We are also going to try and hit up Point Pleasant boardwalk on the way home tonight since its on the way :-D It's always nice to go for a walk when its a cool night and maybe play some skeeball!

Breakfast this morning was Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Fiber One with 1/2 a banana and ff soymilk, along with my coffee to wake me up. I'm now off to shower and get my laundry together and do some mommy/daughter bonding over wedding dresses and reception halls. My cousin told me last night that the cute little chapel ( ) we want to have the ceremony in could be up to a 2 year wait! I'm so dissapointed, we are gonna have to jump on it quick since we plan on fall of next year.

Family Bonding

I had a great time with my little cousins last night! We made tons of popcorn and smores and watched a couple movies. My one cousin even tried to teach me how to play nintendo ds... I have the reflexes of a SNAIL! Its so bad, its like once you graduate college you can not play video games! I used to love them too when I was younger.... guess I'm just getting OLD!!
Well onto the real food of the night. Dad is the chef in the family and always giving me left overs, which I can not complain about at all. I figured last night was the perfect night to have them since I didn't want to cook/cleanup anything. He made a lightly breaded chicken picatta with these new boxed sweet potatoes. I loved the chicken and could have easily eaten another pieceif there was one! I'd definately rather have a real sweet potato over the boxed ones. They weren't bad, but I would rather not have all the added butter and milk and god only knows what else. I also had whatever was left from salad they had made also, it had some greens, an orange pepper (one of my favorites) cabbage, carrots and red onions. I has the salad with some light italian dressing. Oh and by the way sorry for the tuppeware picture of the chicken, I was just that lazy to not want to clean another plate before running out the door! haha
I'll be back alittle later with breakfast :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Holding myself accountable!

Ok so I finally dragged my butt to the school and started to set up a bit. I met two of the children who will be in my class and their are ADORABLE! The one little boy sang me his ABC's!! After I left there I went to the gym and I was already sweating, even though its a cool day out! There was no air on in my classroom since its empty which equals a hot me! I did about 2.5 miles on the treadmill and did some upper body lifting. When I got out of the gym I saw I had a missed call from my cousin, we've been keeping each other up to date on our uncle so I got alittle worried!

Once home I called her to check in, he's fine.. well same as he has been at least.. While on one of our phone fests I made my lunch of yogurt,berries and granola. I wanted to wait until I got off the phone to eat, but I was hungry so I ate some peanuts and a couple bites of my leftover pizza that I didn't finish! I am now finally relaxing and drinking some crystal light. I have to get myself in the shower and get a few things done because I'm babysitting for my cousins tonight. We have and exciting night of playing outside and watching a Night at the Museum and eating some popcorn. This is something we've been doing for a few years now and they always look forward to movie night with "Big Megan". Its actually funny because my cousin named his daughter after me, she is now almost 12 and about 2 inches taller than me! So its pretty funny to hear them calling me that when I'm really now Little Megan! hahah

Hope everyone is having a great Friday :)

I'm going to work today I promise!

Yesterday I skipped out on going and setting up my classroom, So last night I picked up funtack and I'm dragging my butt there today :-D It isn't far away at all, I actually live practically right next to the school!!

Onto breakfast I had my bowl of Kashi Vive (I finished it today.. sniff sniff) with ff soymilk and half a banana and my coffee. I also had a handful of almonds.
After reading a comment this morning I wanted to let everyone know I do snack during the day I just forget to blog/take pictures of it Its those times in the kitchen cleaning up and going oh look at the grapes in the fridge! I'll have a handful, or I'm putting things away and see the peanuts or almonds in the cabinet and snag a few. I promise I do eat! I have been told to gain some weight by my doctor because of some health issues, but I have been a good weight for my height and frame. Thanks for worrying about me though, and I will try to make sure I keep track of my snacks and fill you in on them :) I really should hold myself more accountable to the grazing I do throughout the day.
see everyone for lunch, TGIF :-D

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My eats for the day

OMG I slept in until almost 9:00am! I couldn't believe my eyes, I jumped out of bed so fast I think my head spun! haha not like I had a reason to rush. So it was time to make the coffee and cereal. Today was 1/2 cup Kashi Vive and 1/2 cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with ff soymilk and a half of a banana. I took pictures but my camera died after lunch and I charged it up, then deleted all the pictures thinking I had already uploaded the pictures. I DIDN'T though :( oopps but we all know what cereal looks like ;) Ran to the gym today and did a light 2.75 miles on the treadmill watching The View and the beginning of Tyra.

Onto lunch I had my usual yogurt, strawberries,blueberries and "granola bar" with some of these yummy chips Adam and I bought on and outing a few weeks ago to this cute town called Collingswood NJ. We went to the which was awesome! I got the vegan phillysteak which was AMAZING! Sorry kind of rambling now! hahah... Onto the chips they are I have the Original Hummus ones that are gluten free. They are really good!! I think almost better than regular corn chips, If you see them I would definately pick them up and try them with your favorite salsa :)

After lunch I got bored and baked a cake. Once again Picture was on the camera! UGH. I want to put on the recipe but I can't remember where I got it from, so when I figure that out I will put up the recipe for everyone! All I can say is it was good.. almost too good.. I ate way too much of it while cutting it up for the parents and Adam. It made me feel alittle sick.. too much chocolately goodness sometimes isn't the best thing! :-( oh well.. live and learn!

Dinner was a repeat from Monday night, leftover pizza and sweet potato fries, with some crystal light. It hit the spot! We were then off to the boardwalk for about a 2 mile walk, it was beautiful out and very cool. Just the way I like it. While we were out we went and bought a wedding magazine which I am going to look through after I'm done posting this. I also had a little over a cup of kettle corn that I just popped, it is one of the Jolly Time 100 calorie bags. I needed something salty/sweet, nothing too sweet though after my OD this afternoon ;)

I hope everyone had a great day! Only one day left until the weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Comfort food kinda day

Today was one of those days were I craved comfort foods! Maybe its because of the cooler weather? It was gorgeous here though.. mid 70's.. Which I definately love! I went to the gym and walked for about 2.5 miles then did some upper body lifting. After coming home and being lazy and showering I tried to figure out what to eat. I saw a nissan ramen noodle that I found in the Outer Banks that is lower fat, calories and sodium than the normal ones. I know they still aren't good for me, but they remind me of college! It was YUMMY and made me happy, I also had some grapes with it.
Tonight was another comfort food... MOM'S MEATLOAF and some augratin potatoes, another awesome meal. Its funny because before going to college I started to hate meatloaf, then once away from home eating horrible dorm food I totally learned to appreciate home cooked meals. It is kinda the same now, since I've moved out. Once I moved back home after college I could take or leave meatloaf, since I'm not a big read meat fan anymore. Then when I heard they were having it today I said why not crash dinner and have some? I'm just not so happy that I've been eating so much meat lately but I don't do it often at all. So I might as well enjoy it while I can! I had walked to my parents house today, so Adam picked me up from there and off we went to Foodtown for some quality time and foodshopping, which is my favorite!! I got a bunch of Chobani yogurts because they were on sale for ONE DOLLAR! I was so excited :) I then came home and even though I was alittle full those jello puddings in the fridge were calling my name. So I just had to have one with some whipped cream. Now its time to look at reception sites online, I hope we can find some cheaper ones!! This wedding stuff is EXPENSIVE!!!
Hope everyone had a great Wednesday! 2 more days to go :-D

Sleepy Wednesday

Good morning everyone! I feel like such an old lady, I didn't even stay out that late last night but I am exhausted today! I didn't sleep too well either so that's probably a contributing factor. I got up made some coffee and my bowl of kashi with banana and ff soymilk and ate that watching some tv and checking blogs and emails.

Now I'm trying to motivate to get my butt to the gym and do some walking and lifting, not like I'm in a rush or anything... hahah gotta love summer break! I think I'm going to make Adam some easy Tiramisu this afternoon. I also might be walking over to the parents for dinner, originally I was just going over for a walk, but mom told me she's making her meatloaf which I haven't had in over a year!! I think I need it! :) Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Double Post

Here's a recap of my day!

I went to the gym and walked about 2.7 miles, came home showered then it was time for some lunch! just the usual... Today I had Axelrod strawberry/banana yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, and some of my "granola bars" I also had some pineapple and a hand full of bare naked granola its the banana nut one.. so yummy!

Onto dinner it was an easy dinner tonight.. I called my cousin to fill her in on the status of our Uncle who is not doing so well.. So I just made a PB&J made with smuckers sugar free strawberry jelly, and PB&Co Cinnamon Raisin PB. I also had a couple honey wheat pretzels and some of those yummy pickles that Adam bought! I started eating it while on the phone and thenr realized I needed a picture. So I stopped and waited to get off the phone and take the picture.

Adam and I then went for a walk tonight half on the boardwalk half on the beach... the wind was blowing so walking back on the beach was mighty tough! I felt so out of shape... then it was home to get ready for 2.50 mug night at the bar with the girls :) I had about 1 and 3/4 of my mug.... which was alittle too much! I'm not relaxing watching friends and I'm gonna pass out soon. Hope everyone had a goodnight/ good Wednesday :)

Same Stuff... Different Day....

Good morning all! I actually slept in until 8 today.. Boy was I happy, I watched 2 episodes of the Nanny (educational stuff I know) and then was ready for some breakfast. My tummy just still isn't right after all the junk I've been eating :( So I had my bowl of Kashi Vive with ff soymilk and half a banana. I also had coffee with ff hazelnut creamer and a packer of splenda. It was yummy but now I'm so full.

I did some ab work while watching Regis and Kelly, the gym will be coming up soon.. But for now I'm thinking about doing some stuff for work, getting my welcome back bulletin board ready by putting my new kiddies names on the school bus :) I love back to school time and the fall! I can't wait to go apple picking in about a month and start baking lots of yummy things :-D

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday

Monday, August 18, 2008

MMMM Pizza

Our pizza came out great! It was made on Naan flatbread, tomato sauce, ff mozz, peppers and mushrooms. Adam also had pepperoni on his too! We also had some of my sweet potato fries with it. We were so full so we went for a walk on the boardwalk and it was an awesome sunset but once again I did not have my camera! I really need to remember next time! After I got home I did some blogg readings and I'm now watching wedding central on WE. I decided I wanted some chocolate so I had one of my sugar free dark chocolate puddings with some light whipped cream, which is hitting the spot! I'm just gonna sit around and watch some tv tonight, Date My Ex is on Bravo tonight at 10 so atleast I'll have some horrible tv to watch :) I hope everyone had a good monday!

I can't wait for work to start!

I never thought those words would come out of my mouth but having off for the summer when almost everyone else you know is working is no fun! Ok enough complaining, I know people reading this probably hate me for having the summer off!

After breakfast I did some cleaning and went to the gym, I did my 2.5 miles on the treadmill and did some arm work. I ran to the store to pick up some veggies off the salad bar at A&P for the pizzas Adam and I are making tonight :)

For lunch I really wanted soup but I was just too hot, so it was some 0% Fage with strawberries and blueberries with some of my granola bar. I also had some crytal light fruit punch that Adam wanted, I wasn't a big fan of this flavor.

I found a sweet potato that I bought last week and decided to make some fries out of it to have with our pizza tonight. I LOVE SWEET POTATOES!! For a snack while I was making them I had a few pieces of a couple of deli pickles that we picked up this weekend. I have a slight addiction to pickles, they are my favorite post bar food! Weird I know!!

I'm off to be lazy for alittle bit before I start making our pizzas! I'll have pictures of those later on tonight. Hope everyones Monday flew by!!