Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hi everyone!
I felt out of my element this morning rushing around to get ready and get to the school early so I could get a few things done before parents and kids started to show up! I tried to take my time and eat my bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch/Fiber One, cinnamon, banana and skim milk. I brought my coffee with me because all of a sudden I looked at the clock at it was 8:29! I wanted to leave at 8:30 so I rushed and brushed my teeth, gathered up my bags and ran out the door.

My new class is adorable! They seem like a great bunch of kids :) The moms and dads seem really nice too which is always a big plus! I'm so excited for this school year to start, I finally feel like I found my niche.

I went to the gym and walked for about 40ish minutes on the treadmill while watching Tyra. I didn't feel like lifting so I'm putting that off for tomorrow. I came home starving around 12:45, so I popped some frozen fruit in the microwave to defrost alittle and had some Chobani vanilla with lots of berries and granola. I also had a handfull of walnuts while I was defrosting :)

Once I sat down with my yummy lunch my cousin called, we chatted for a while and then my brother called me. I thought he was just calling to say he was on his way home from football practice so I ignored it and kept talking. He then imed me on the computer to tell me my uncle just died :( I felt horrible for not answering the phone! My cousin was talking to I screamed (to interrupt her) We both got off the phone and started calling family.

He was very sick so I'm glad he's not suffering anymore because no one deserves it, but its still a hard thing to get through. I feel so bad for my dad, he made my uncle's favorite dinner that my grandfather (his father) used to make. We were going to bring it up to him tomorrow :(

Now i'm off to sit and think for awhile. Adam is coming over for some leftovers from my dad, so I plan on going for a nice long walk with him tonight up at the beach.

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!

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  1. oh honey, i'm sorry about your uncle. my dearest condolences.

    but your food looks good.

    hope you have a good night (and think) and tomorrow goes well.