Monday, August 18, 2008

Food hangover!

Just wanted to add in that last night I got alittle hungry, since I had eaten last aroun 4ish so I had some walnuts and grapes. I have been doing alittle too much eating these past few days.. I need to get back on track, my tummy can not handle all the not so healthy food :(

Onto this morning.. I decided to actually have something different! I had 2 low fat aunt jamima waffles with alittle butter and some sugar free syrup with a few almonds while I was waiting for the waffles to toast! I also had my usual coffee too :-D Today I'm going to make a list up of what I need to do for next week for work, since its meet the teacher day next Wednesday! Other than that I need to vaccuum and get my butt to the gym after all that eating this weekend! I hope that there is a nice walk on the boardwalk tonight with Adam :)

Have a great day!

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