Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crazy day!

I didn't sleep very well last night and was up at 7:30. I layed in bed until 8 then got up and turned on my computer and the coffee maker. I got in the shower got ready inhaled my normal bowl of cereal and banana (kashi vive and fatfree 8th continent soymilk) and was out the door, with my token cup of coffee in hand! ! I was driving my dad and his brother up north to visit my other uncle who is sick. He's got pancreatic cancer and it has spread throughout his body. Needless to say this was not a fun trip!!

Once home I was starving and it was only 12:30! I'm thinking its from the stress of going there and not knowing what to expect. so I had my bowl of blueberry fatfree yogurt, a couple piece of pineapple and some of my "granola bar" then it was off to the gym! I walked about 2.6 miles on the treadmill and read a magazine. My stomach wasn't feeling too swift! ugh gotta love stress!

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