Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why Do The Weekends Fly By?

Wow where do the weekends go? After breakfast and showers we were off to the boardwalk since it was beautiful out, there was a juvenile diabetes walk there so it was PACKED! We then went and picked up my brother and went to Target and Costco. I got a few things but nothing too exciting, I looked at Target for their chocolate pb but didn't see it there I was very upset :( lol at Costco they had tons of samples so I tried one of some type of soft cheese and bread, I had a tiny bite and gave the other bite to my brother. It was really good :) On our way home Adam stopped at Wendy's to get a burger and fries. I ofcourse had a bite of the tasty burger and a few fries.. I had a Pepperidge Farm fruit and grain bagel with cottage cheese, pickles and some red peppers. MMMM GOOD! I also had a handful of walnuts while figuring out what I wanted since I was STARVING!! I then relaxed for a bit and did a few things around the apartment and then we were off to food shop for the week. I got some new mayan chocolate drink for general foods international which I can't wait to try :)
For dinner I had some Wheatables with Pacific Foods Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup, and a piece of apple on the side. I also had a few slices of red pepper and celery with some ranch dressing after I took the picture because Adam was making a big salad...I was in the munchie mood. I figured if I'm munchie I might as well eat some good stuff. For dessert I had 3 bites of the chocolate cake that my mom made this weekend (forgot to take a picture since I was eating it out of the container) since I'm a piggy and can't turn down chocolate cake!

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  1. Oooh yes, weekend definitely fly by - gotta make the most of them! :0)

    Happy Monday!