Sunday, October 26, 2008


Good Morning Everyone!
Lets go back to last night and start there. For dinner Adam and I made pizzas using flat out wraps, veggies, some mozzarella cheese and some chunky marinara sauce. They came out very very yummy.. I also had some of my leftover vcon baked beans on the side :) I then downloaded some music for Adam for his Ipod, but something is wrong with it so I was working on that until I left to go out with the girls, this is why there was no din din post last night ;)

When Jamie got here we did a shot and were off to the tiki bar! It was a VERY VERY interesting night with one too many beers, and singing Jesse's Girl on stage for Jamie's birthday! I'm hoping I find the pictures on the Internet because I can only imagine how silly we look!!! I barely slept last night and I'm hurting a tad this morning.. Now I know why I don't drink anymore! Adam was home with a friend having a few also so needless to say he is back in bed after we just had breakfast.

Breakfast for me was a Pepperidge Farm fruit and grain bagel with cottage cheese and some apple. I ate about half of it but only had one piece left when I took the picture. I couldn't wait for the bagel to toast ;) I also had a nice big mug of coffee. I'm hoping Adam is feeling better soon because I need to feel productive today and go food shopping and run a few errands. We will see, but until then I'm cutting out leaves that my kids painted on Friday and gluing them to some paper, and cleaning the apartment. What a fun filled Sunday :-P
I hope everyone is having a great day! See you for lunch!

Oh and I'll leave you with a picture Adam took of me before I left last night.


    You should dress like that every day. I think you could pull it off!

  2. HAHA thanks Erin!!! That made my day :-D