Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well last night was fun, we got there just in time for The Black Crowes to start. We got a beer before going in, I had about half of a Coors Light and Adam finished it for me. The show was done alittle before 11 and Adam was hungry so we wandered around the casino trying to figure out what he could get. He finally decided on Starbucks, he got a Mocha Frappaccino (SP?) and a blueberry muffin. I had to have a few sips of the frap and 2 bites of the muffin. I started getting a sore throat since you can still smoke in the casinos, I am SO NOT A FAN OF THAT!! we were home by 1 and stayed up till about 1:30 making sure I'd pass out. Well I did but was up by 6:30/7 and I was not a happy camper!!! I had such a horrible sore throat and couldn't breath.. I felt like someone beat me up! UGH..
I finally dragged myself outta bed at 8:30ish and made some coffee and a bowl of cereal. I had some Special K Vanilla Almond with Fiber One, a banana, cinnamon and Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Breeze. I started to feel alittle better but not much, I showered and got ready to go to the rents to do laundry and look at wedding stuff.. I snacked on some Chex mix while there (they have a hot cocoa one YUM!) and some grapes.. I finally came back and had an apple with cottage cheese and some peanuts. We where then off to walk around since it was a awesome day out! We went up to Point Pleasant beach and walked the boardwalk, then to their town just to do some window shopping. We then ran to the supermarket on the way home since Foodtown has Almond Breeze on SALE!!! But once we got in there I started to feel funny.. my stomach felt weird and then all of a sudden everything started to get blurry and I was light headed.. We headed for the check out and I picked up a coke to have to get some sugar.. I didn't know if it was my blood sugar or not but figured it was worth a shot! I felt alittle better once we got home and had a half a piece of bread and some grapes.. around 5:15ish I was getting hungry and we decided to hit up the Italian place that my brother works at. We brought some Blue Moons to have too :) I got the Veal ala Naples (Naples is the name of the restaurant) it had veal, eggplant, mozzarella and spinach with a marina sauce. It also comes with a side of pasta, and a salad. I ate about half the salad.. forgot to take a pictures and about half of the dinner and pasta. We then got coffee and dessert, since my blood sugar was low and all before ;) we got this ice cream/cream puffish thing and boy was it tasty! We inhaled it before I could take the picture!!! I am now feeling like a stuffed pig but I enjoyed it very much, I figure we need nights like this every once and while...

I hope everyone had a great Saturday! See you tomorrow for breakfast :-D

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  1. what a great dinner and i'm glad you enjoyed the dessert!

    and hooray for almond breeze on sale!!!