Sunday, October 19, 2008

So So Sleepy!

Ok so I know I didn't do that much today but I did do alot of driving and I'm exhausted!! Adam and I went down to The Breakers and put down our second deposit, we tried to walk up by the beach but it was WINDY and COLD. I was bundled but Adam wasn't so we walked around the block and ended up going and buying me some hair dye! :) I am going red for the fall its a wash out... I'm scared of anything that I have to keep up on, like my roots! I'm excited to do it, I can use alittle change. I started getting hungry for dinner around 6ish which surprised me since I ate so much so late, but oh well. I had a bowl of Chobani plain greek yogurt with Fiber One and lots of frozen berries. I also had a big old spoonful of peanut butter for some more protein and yummyness. For dessert I made some general foods international mayan chocolate drink but wasn't that impressed :( I thought I put enough in.. oh well.. I drank most of it and was pretty full so I tossed the rest. I then got a phone call from my friend Kelli that we got tickets to see our favorite bar band play next weekend at its their Halloween party so I have to figure out what to be. Any Ideas?!?!? please help!! haha my friends are being cowgirls.. but I dunno... Have a great night and see everyone tomorrow :-D
and here are some pictures that should up on my camera.. Adam enjoys cooking and likes for me to show everyone what he is making :) Today while I was reliving my college days he was home sweating over a hot stove making some veggie chili! It is great and quite spicy :)

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