Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Good Evening All!!
Here's a recap of my not so exciting day! :-P

For breakfast it was the usual of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with some Fiber One and a banana with cinnamon and Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Breeze. I also had some grapes and brought a mug of hot chocolate with me :)

Today and tomorrow the kiddies are going to the pumpkin farm so I stayed at school today with the ones who didn't go and we played outside for most of the morning. Lunch today was a Yoplait Pineapple upside cake with an apple, someone also brought in evil munchins so I just had to have one ofcourse.. hehe

I walked home from work and had a handful of walnuts and was off to the gym. I did about 2.15 miles and some weights and came home to relax. For dinner I had one egg and one egg white with a laughing cow and some milk microwaved with a boca sausage patty and some red peppers. While in the fridge digging stuff out and talking on the phone I also had a few pickles.

Adam and I then ran to pick up his car since his mom borrowed it and ran to my parents to get some leftover chicken picatta and rice for dinner one night (I love my daddy) we also ran to the supermarket to pick up some groceries for the next couple days.. I needed bananas and Adam needed rolls. I'm now off to read blogs and look at my lesson plans for the next couple of weeks. Oh and I just had a few bites of some chocolate cake too.. Oh how I love mommy's baking :-D

I hope everyone had a great humpday! See you tomorrow!


  1. Please tell me you ate more than 1 red pepper strip with your meal. A whole red pepper only has about 40 calories... Not saying you have to eat the entire thing, but 1 strip??? Come on girl! Your meals are TINY!

  2. sam:
    I only had one piece left and wanted it..