Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hola Everyone!
Another day flew by today! To start out I woke up with my alarm clock which made me happy, since that means I finally slept! Breakfast was Wegmans Oats and honey with strawberries cereal, some Fiber One, cinnamon, banana and Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze. I brought my travel mug of hot chocolate with me for the COLD walk to work.

Lunch was the usual yogurt and apple, BUT it was my bosses birthday so I had to have some cake from my favorite bakery in town! I grew up with the woman who owns it son so we always had cake from her before she opened up the bakery. YUM YUM! It was chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, my favorite!

I rushed home after work had some grapes and peanuts and left for the gym. I did alittle over 2 miles while watching Oprah. I did a higher incline than normal so I was walking a bit slower. Trying to tighten the tush ;) hahah

Dinner was my leftover buffalo burger with some laughing cow cheese spread on top, some pickles, and some leftover fries from when we made our own.

It was a lazy kinda night (Adam isn't feeling well) so since I'm always wanting to do something I decided to bake some banana bread from Vcon. I love this recipe and it came out GREAT! My taster just tried some, and he gave it 2 thumbs up! I of course had to try some too, I can not ignore fresh baked goods! I am now going to zone out in front of the computer while Adam watches Survivor, I figure its a good time to catch up on blogs! Have a great night, when we wake up it will be FRIDAY!!!! WOOOHOOO