Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm Too Old to Be Going Out Drinking!

Sorry for no drunken post last night, I finally got home around 1:20 even though I was ready to leave by 11!! hahah Our other friend met us at because the bartender she likes was there so we called her to come by. After 1 random shot that I really didn't want and about 2.75 Miller Lites I was exhausted and ready for my bed! I woke up at 7 because of the Miller Lites and my tiny bladder, I was up from then on and not happy about it. I made an eggwhite and Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb cheese scramble in the microwave along with a Boca sausage patty. I then went off to the gym to sweat out the beer, I did 40 minutes on the treadmill and came home to relax alittle. I came home to find our first wedding gift! It was a spice rack filled with spices from Adam's cousin's inlaws.... there's a mouthfull! haha I showered and got my laundry together to come to my parent's before my brother's football game. I snacked on a bunch of cantaloupe and grapes, That tiny breakfast didn't fill me up at all! Now I'm sitting with mom and dad and I'll get my lunch together in a few! see you all after the game. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday :-D

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  1. Aw, well I hope you enjoyed yourself at least :). Yay for the first wedding present, I'm sure there's many more to come! Happy Saturday!