Monday, October 6, 2008


Good evening all!
Well I am finally home, thank goodnes.. It wasn't a bad day just a very long one. For breakfast this morning I was pretty much in a coma. I finally slept really well never heard Adam get up at 5 and slept until 7:30! I DID NOT WANT TO GET UP! I made some Special K Vanilla Almond with a banana and unsweetened chocolate almond breeze. I also had a handful of peanuts, and brought a diet hot chocolate with me for something different :) YUM! I only had 5 kiddies today so it was great! I walked home at lunch to get some more fresh air since my belly still isn't too happy I thought moving alittle would help alittle but. I did some dishes and walked back, to get ready for the afternoon. For lunch around 1 I had Dannon Light and Fit with about 1/3 cup cheerios and cantaloupe. It was tasty, but since I was feeling yucky all I wanted to do was eat. UGH I then went to the gym right after work and did about 28 minutes on the treadmill and some weights for my arms and back. I was realy rushing since I had to babysit tonight and be ready by 5:10. I made a PB&J on German dark bread with yummy cinnamon raisin pb. I also had 2 of my chocolate chip cookies when I got home. I figured after the day I had I deserved it ;) I forgot to take pictures all day :( sorry I promise I'll be better tomorrow!
I hope every one's Monday flew by like mine!
See you tomorrow


  1. Monday definitely flew by!!

    Happy Tuesday!! :0)

  2. Erin its from Pepperidge Farms here's the website...
    this is one of my favorite breads!