Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well we are back from apple picking and boy did we pick some apples! We got about 5 different kinds and about 41 pound of apples, how crazy is that?!?!? but boy are they tasty :) There was a hotdog truck there so Adam got a couple of doggies with chili on em. Ofcourse I had to try a bite.. so good but oh so bad. We also picked up a pumpkin for the parents and one for us so we dropped off some apples and the pumpkin to them. We came home and I did some cleaning then I chopped up a HUGE apple and I mean HUGE! Adam and I shared it, it was a snack for him and my lunch I paired it with some cottage cheese. YUMO! I also had a piece with some almond butter after I finished the cottage cheese. I am so full now, its nuts. But its a good full since it was all healthy good foods :) We are going to relax for about another half hour then we are off to his dad's. I won't be taking pictures if I end up eating there, I feel way too weird doing that in front of his dad!! But don't worry I'll fill ya in on the happenings ;) See ya later!
I'll upload my pictures later because blogger is being WEIRD! GRRR


  1. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, because it enabled me to find yours :o)

  2. Hooray for apple-picking!! :0)