Saturday, October 4, 2008

High School Football Saturdays

Lets see while at the parents house today I ate way too many grapes then had my new Pepperidge Farm Cranberry Blueberry Bagels with whipped cottage cheese and a pickle on the side. This was so good! I have a new favorite lunch/breakfast!! We were then off to the football game, Manasquan won we kicked some major Pineland butt :-D I came home cranky from lack of sleep last night and being out in the sun all day and had leftovers from dad after putting away all my laundry and making the bed. It was chicken franciase with some pasta stuff.. I dunno what it was but I ate way more than I put on my plate. I'm in carb overload from lack of sleepage! We then went out shopping to get a few things, Adam needed new sneakers so we went to Kohls. They didn't have any that jumped out at him, but I bought 2 new long sleeve tshirts. We then went to target to look for another bookcase to match the one we already have, but no such luck. I did get some figamajigs though, vitamins, drink mix and a new filter for the vacuum which excited me greatly! haha I'm such a SPAZ! We then went food shopping for the next few days since tomorrow is now going to be quite the busy day :( We are going apple picking in the morning (which I can not wait for!!) then we have to go to Adam's dads house to celebrate his birthday (this should be interesting as it always is... ) Once we got home we unpacked the groceries and I had some cantaloupe since I was trying to condence for room in the fridge ;) I'm now finally relaxing and snacking on some cereal, its a chocolately cookieish one I will fill you in tomorrow of the name of it. This girl is just way too lazy to get off her butt right now and look at the name! :-P
I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday! See you in the A.M. for breakfast :-D

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  1. That cereal looks yummy! I bet it would be good on frozen yogurt or something.