Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thank Goodness Its Almost Friday :-D

Here's my recap run down, breakfast was the usual Special K Vanilla Almond with a banana, cinnamon and LF Vanilla soymilk. I brought my big old travel mug of coffee since I was FREEZING today! I walked to work and the wind was blowing pretty good, I was pretty chilly with just a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt on. For lunch I had some Dannon Light and Fit and cantaloupe and a few pretzels since I wanted CRUNCHIENESS! I was going to go to the gym since Adam had to be up early and did not want to go to his nephews football game tonight, then I heard there was a beached whale on a beach near my house so we went up to the boardwalk. Before we left I snacked on some walnuts since I was feeling munchie. There was no Whale there, but we had a nice little walk. Nothing long at all, it was breezy up there but it was nice to go up there during the day.
We stopped by the health food store that I used to work at so Adam could pick up some veggies, so I just had to get one of my favorite sandwiches from when I used to work there. Its a vegetarian chicken salad sammy on sprouted bread, it had carrots and celery mixed in too. I also had some pickles and a honey wheat pretzel to go with it. It really fills me up, but not enough to not want to bake. My parents had some Bisquick at home that needed to be used up so they called me to bake them some coffee cake. Here's the recipe I use it is my dad's favorite so I couldn't say no ;)

I also had to retry baking Dreena's Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies from Vive Le Vegan since I had no idea what I did wrong last time, and this time they came out perfect! Thank goodness!! :)
Adam wanted me to tell everyone Hello :)
I hope everyone had a great Thursday! One more day until the weekend!!

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