Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well we just got home alittle after 8 from Adam's dads house. When we got there we sat and watched the Nascar race and the Cowboys (lots of back and forth channel changing) I was so full from the apple I had that the thought of snacks made my belly cry. But of course I tried some things, some brie on a cracker and 2 melba toasts with brushetta they were really good but I just didn't want to eat at all. I knew I had to make sure I'd be hungry for dinner, since Adam's step mom bought me roasted veggies since they know I'm not a big meat eater. For dinner I had roasted veggies ( squash, eggplant, and peppers) I also tried a stuffed chicken with cheese and spinach which was awesome, a bit of sausage and some whole wheat bread. I also had a salad with romaine, peppers, olives, cucumbers and honey Dijon dressing. It was good but I was so full and uncomfortable. We sat around and talked some more than out came dessert!!! Apple Pie and vanilla ice cream, UGH! I feel bad saying no to food when I'm there since I don't think they think I eat, so I indulge and ate it. Now I am paying for it BIG TIME! I feel so sick and yucky :-( I am now finally trying to relax getting ready for a LONG and BUSY week. Tomorrow I probably won't be able to blog until late because after work I'm going straight to the gym and then running home and showering and going off to babysit for twin boys who go to Kindergarten at my school. I hope everyone had a great weekend! see you tomorrow :-D

oh and here are the picture from this afternoon ;)


  1. Cute pictures!
    Sorry you're feeling the funk. I eat too much pretty often and I'm always like, "Why did I just do that?" Then I hit the tums. :)

  2. I hate when fun events turn into ugh now i'm full events. Yay for apple picking though!