Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Weekends Go By Way Too Fast!

Good Evening :)
I think we need to add one more day to our weekends what does everyone think?!?!? lol This afternoon I did some cleaning and finally dragged the sleepy head out of bed around 12:30. We headed off to the supermarket and then came home and had some lunch. I had some Chobani plain greek yogurt with berries and honeynut cheerios. I also had a bite of Adam's bacon cheeseburger and a few fries. Grease is good for a hangover right? ;) It was then time to go for a walk on the boardwalk since it was an AMAZING fall day at the Shore! It was breezy but nice and warm in the sun, and there were so many people up at the boardwalk. I love it! We stopped off at Adam's moms house to do a few things for her, I helped her upload some pictures onto her computer then we came home to relax. This is what Adam wanted to do all day.. but I'm evil and made him go out ;) When we got back I was munchie so I had a handful of peanuts to hold me over for dinner time.
Dinner ended up being a Lean Cuisine Mediterrean Chicken dinner, I added some more tomato sauce and some parmasean cheese to kick it up a bit. I bought a pineapple today so I cut that up and ofcourse had to have some. It was so sweet and juicy, MMMMM. I finished all my stuff for work tomorrow so its now time to enjoy some tv and pass out as early as possible. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, see you tomorrow!

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