Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2 More Days Until the Weekend

Well today started out just like any other day, I had my bowl of Special K Vanilla Almond with some banana, cinnamon and LF vanilla soymilk. I of course brought m travel mug of coffee with me for some energy ;) At lunch I walked home (I drove to work today because it was supposed to rain), I needed a phone number to call the church were the ceremony is going to be and I had forgotten it. I decided to wait on lunch until around 1ish, I hate eating breakfast and lunch when I'm not hungry. I was actually hungry for breakfast this morning so I had a couple of handfuls of grapes after the cereal which I guess kept me going a tad longer today. For lunch I had a protein bar because I still was not even that hungry and just didn't feel like the yogurt I had brought. I also had a few bites of cantaloupe just so I felt like I had some fruit at lunch. I was then off to the gym and did 2 miles and some weights.
Dinner was just an almond butter and jelly sandwich with some leftover fries that we had made, I just didn't know what I wanted and didn't feel like anything BIG. We then went for a walk on the boardwalk, the sky looked pretty bad but we made it through about 1.2 miles since it wasn't looking too promising. On the walk I got a phone call about one of my bridesmaids, she has to have surgery :( We then ran to pick up some salad for dinner tomorrow since we are going to Adam's nephews flag football game around dinner tomorrow so we are going to want something quick. I'm now finally relaxing and reading some blogs trying to forgot that I have a full house of kiddies tomorrow! Ugh. Oh and when I got home and unpacked the groceries I snacked on some cantaloupe since it was calling my name.

Hope everyone had a great day :) see you tomorrow!


  1. Does cereal keep you full? I can't seem to make it last very long.

  2. Cereal does keep me full for a long time. I eat around 8ish and could keep going until 1. Which is a pretty long time for me to go without food. It could also be that I have a bunch of kids to be running after in the morning so I don't really have the time to think about getting hungry ;)