Friday, October 3, 2008

What a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Well I woke up extremely early today and was not a happy camper, 6:15 to be exact! So I stayed in bed until 7 and got up and started my day. I did some blog reading and watched the news alittle, then made up some breakfast which was small because I wasn't very hungry but knew I needed something. I had some of a Whole Wheat bagel with Whipped Cottage Cheese with jelly and a half banana on the side. There were only 7 kiddies today so it was a nice relaxing day! I could not complain at all! :) At lunch I walked home to pick up my salad which was veggies with some of my bbq tofu I made a while ago. I ate it around 1 and still wasn't hungry for it but ate once again b/c I knew I should. (Didn't take a pic of the salad OOPPS). Well I have to say tofu doesn't like my belly, it made me feel pretty yucky after I ate it. I walked home snacked on some walnuts and cantaloupe since I was hungry finally and was off to the gym. I did 2 miles on the treadmill and some weights for my arms and back.
Adam had to work late and just got home now, so I had a vanilla Chobani with my nectarine that was on its last leg, but tasted great and some Special K Vanilla Almond mixed in. I was still hungry after that, like STARVING hungry so I had some peanuts and more cantaloupe. I hate going from zero to crazy hungry in no time. Now I am relaxing and waiting to see if my friend and I are still going out tonight. I may be back later tonight either drunk or sober to update :) If not see everyone in the morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful Friday!

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  1. A drunk or sober update. Ha!
    I need that whipped cc, but it's nowhere to be found in West Texas. :( Have fun tonight!