Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another Day of Food and Some Baking :-D

I had a horrible night sleep last night, I couldn't fall asleep then I woke up when Adam got up around 5 :( I was not a happy camper at all.. I dozed on and off till about 7 then got up at 7:15 because I realized I had some work to do. For breakfast I had a bowl of Special K Vanilla Almond and some Fiber One with a banana, cinnamon and Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Breeze. I also brought a hot chocolate with me to work. I walked to work since it stopped raining early which made me very happy. For lunch I was planning on having one of my big juicy apples with cottage cheese but since I was still half asleep this morning I picked up a yogurt and the cottage cheese :( So I settled on the yogurt and had some cheerios that I took from work. Not the best lunch but it worked for awhile. I then had 2 cookies while the kids were having their snack. I came home and got ready for the gym, I did 2 miles on the treadmill and came home. I started on making another apple crisp/pie for the teachers at work. I ate some of the apples as I cut them and unfortunately wasn't too hungry for dinner :( oopps. For dinner I made Adam and I a ham steak cooked in Pineapple juice with about 2 tablespoons of brown sugar. It was quite yummy, we also had which wasn't too bad, but nothing too great.
I also had some a couple more fork fulls of pasta while cleaning up ;)
We then went for a light walk on the boardwalk and I came home and cleaned up from dinner. I had an apple with cinnamon for a snack, I realized after I ate most of it to take a picture! I'm so bad with this! I also had 2 bites of the apple crisp since Adam was eating some of it, it came out very good :) Now I'm extremely full and plan on reading blogs and relaxing since tomorrow is going to be a VERY LONG DAY.. We are going to Atlantic City to see the Black Crowes at the Borgota, Adam wanted to go see them so I bought the tickets as an early Christmas gift. I hope everyone had a great Thursday, one more day until the weekend!!!

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