Saturday, October 18, 2008


Good Morning All!
Well we went to the Saint last night in Asbury to see my friends bf's new band, it was an interesting place! It was fun though going out and suporting him, while there we had a miller lite. After their set was over we went to the Headliner for $1 miller lites! We also had get in free cards which is always nice ;) (gotta make friends with the bartenders) I had one beer there and my friend Becky bought another round but Kelli and I just wasn't feeling it. I am so not into going out and drinking alot anymore. I figure its really not worth it to feel like crap in the morning when I know I have things to get done, but its always nice to go out with the girls and bs for awhile with or without the beer drinking ;)

Even though I was up later than normal I still woke up way too early!!! I think around 7 or earlier.. I didn't want to look at the clock.. hoping and praying I'd fall back to sleep BUT no such luck! haha I finally got my butt up out of bed around 8:30ish and made coffee and a fruit and grain bagel with cottage cheese. YUM I also had a half of banana while waiting for the bagel to toast and coffee to brew.. It was there and I wanted it so the camera didn't make it ;) Adam made a HUGE pork roll egg and cheese on a hard roll so I of course had a bite to help him out with it.

I just did some cleaning and I'm gonna relax for a few before going off to the gym, then coming back to finish up cleaning. Oh how I love weekends of cleaning house :-p

hope everyone is having a great Saturday! See you for lunch :-D

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