Friday, October 17, 2008


WOOHOO Its Friday!
I had trouble sleeping last night and could not fall asleep! I then woke up around 5:30 after not nodding off until 12 or later! WTF?!?! I got up around 7:15 and got a few things done around the apartment. I then had some breakfast of Kashi Go Lean Crunch with some Fiber One a banana, cinnamon and a mix of Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Breeze and some skim milk since its expiring soon. I also brought a mug of hot chocolate with me for my day with the kiddies, it really hit the spot after my chilly walk to work!

On my lunch break I walked home since it was beautiful out, I did the dishes in the sink and walked back so I could have a few minutes to eat my lunch. Lunch was a Yoplait yogurt and an apple, I also had a few goldfish for alittle something something ;) I then walked home after work and got ready for the gym, I did about 1.75 miles (my allergies are killing me = breathing is not easy) I also did some weights for my arms and back. I had a snack of a handful of nuts before I left since I was feeling munchie ;)

Dinner ended up being sweet potato fries, pickles and one of my leftover maple turkey burgers with some laughing cow garlic herb cheese. This totally hit the spot but I am uber full!!!!!!!! Adam wanted to get some blog time so he took a picture of his turkey hotdogs in Campbells baked beans with his french fries and pickles. Adam and I took a stroll around the apt complex to take out the garbage to let the food settle a bit. I am now psyching myself up for my shower and to get ready since my friend is coming over around 8:30 so we can go see her b/fs band at The Saint in Asbury Park. HMM should be interesting.. We don't plan on staying there too long and might hit up the Headliner for some $1 Miller Lites after they are done. We'll see what happens!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Friday! See you tomorrow morning!


  1. have you had the regular chocolate almond breeze? i really like that one but i want to try the unsweetened one...but wanted to see if they taste very different from one another. what do you think?

    have a great night and weekend!

  2. Hi Just Me!!
    No I have not tried the regular almond breeze. I started out with the unsweetened and figured I put it in my cereal anyway at it is usually a sweeter cereal so I think its great! I would recommend it :-D