Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wedding Registering Fun!

So glad that we finally set a date and picked a place!!!!! I did have my Blue Moon with an orange slice and it hit the spot. I waited for Adam to finally get his butt here to start making dinner. We cut up a Yukon Gold potato for french fries, we sprayed some garlic olive oil spray on them and sprinkled with fresh ground sea salt. While out today we picked up alittle over a pound of lean ground turkey, and added that awesome sloppy joe from New Hope. I had a half of a whole wheat english muffin piled high with turkey sloppy joes and a bunch of fries.It was an awesome dinner and after I was done with what was on my plate I had a few more fries and 2 more forkfuls of the sloppy joe while putting away the leftovers ;) We then walked over to my mom's house to pick up the stuff on the Breakers since we gave it to them to look at. We have already picked out all the food for the wedding! I'm so excited! We are now looking at registry stuff, gotta love being able to pick out your own gifts!Oh and I forgot that I had one of my cookies that I made yesterday. I hope everyone had a great weekend! see you tomorrow for a recap :-D

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