Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rainy Tuesday...

Hello everyone!
I woke up this morning and wanted to go right back to sleep. Tuesdays are my "Busy" days at work, I had 13 kids today but it ended up to be a nice day thank goodness! They were all happy for almost the whole morning, once 11 hits though they are all tired and ready for a nap. So the last 45 minutes are tough but then it was lunch and an easy afternoon for me :)

Onto the foodage of the day: breakfast was cereal (Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Total) with banana and lf soymilk. I made a new type of coffee and I took one sip and had to toss it! I was so mad it was my so called crazy busy day and no coffee for me since I didn't have enough time to make more. I could've run to Einstein Bagel for some but I didn't want to spend the money (gotta save for the wedding!!!) Snack time I had a few pretzels with the kids even though I wasn't hungry, they were calling me name...lol

Lunch was cherry vanilla yogurt and canalope I also had a few more pretzels and grapes in the afternoon with the kids at snack.

After work I went to the gym but had ZERO energy! I did about 2.25 miles. My belly isn't so happy after dad's birthday dinner last night, I ate a tad too much for my stomach to handle. Its been a tough belly day! I'm now trying to relax, to hopefully feel better and trying to figure out what the heck to have for dinner. Ideas anyone? Nothing too heavy. Ugh I hate not knowing what to eat! I miss the days growing up when it was you eat what you get... Who would have ever thought I'd miss it?!?!?

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday and I hope it was a sunny day where you are :-D


  1. LOL you and me both! I end up getting sent to the classroom with the non nappers! Who just sprawl out on their mats and torture me :-p