Friday, September 19, 2008


OK here's another recap of my fun filled day! On this beautiful fallish feeling Jersey morning I had a bowl of Special K Vanilla Almond cereal with banana, cinnamon and LF soymilk. I also brought a nice cup of coffee with me to work :)
It was a nice light day today, only 8 kids!! I couldn't ask for an easier Friday, lunch came so quick and I wasn't even hungry but figured I should eat and not wait just in case I didn't get down time later on. I had a Wegmans berry yogurt with pineapple and a couple pieces of a leftover pear. I also had a few animal crackers for some crunch :-) I was then off to the gym for a 2 mile walk and some upper body weight lifting. I had no desire to be there at all, I just wanted to go home and be a lump!! lol
I then came home and munched on some peanuts while cleaning up the sink and waiting for Adam to come over.
For dinner I had a small salad with romaine, peppers, carrots and red onions and a few croutons with Newman's Own Asian Sesame dressing. We made homemade french fries, sweet potato and regular ones. I also had left over veggie loaf that we defrosted from a month ago. I really need to clean out my freezer, Its packed solid. We then tried to go for a walk on the boardwalk but IT WAS WINDY AND COLD!! I was walking like I had a rocket up my ass according to my wonderful fiance :-p I dropped off the cookies for the cheerleaders at my parents then ran some errands at Cost Cutters and A&P. My mom called me around 7 to tell me the cheerleaders were already there decorating the house and that they enjoyed my cookies :-D While at A&P I had a craving for ice cream so I got some weight watchers chocolate chip mint ice cream singles. I put about half of one in cake cone with light chocolate syrup and some whipped cream. SO SO GOOD! What a perfect way to end the week :) We are off to relax since I'll be up early to walk to the parents and do laundry before Joe's football game, I love football season :)
I hope everyone had a great Friday! see you tomorrow!

Blogger is being silly and not letting me upload my pictures! I even took ones of every meal today! of course that would happen right?!?!? hahah oh well

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