Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Back!

Wow I've had a busy couple days! Yesterday I felt like a chicken without a head! I woke up an had some Special K cereal with banana and lf soymilk and coffee in my travel mug ;) The morning flew by and then lunch came and I had some Dannon Light and Fit yogurt and pineapple (the yogurt was on sale and the pineapple is going bad! so you will be seeing it everyday :-p) I practically ran home (since I walked to and from work) and jumped in the shower... got ready made a almond butter and jelly sandwich and brought one of my cookies and was off! I was up in Old Bridge by 5:30 and met up with my cousin, she drove us to the Izod center where we paced around until around 8:30 when Natasha Beddingfield came on. NKOTB came on around 9:20, I was already to pass out! It was a great concert, I wasn't really expecting much! LOL but we had great seats and they put on a good show! I'll have to steal some pictures from my cousin to put up!
I finally got home at 1am and was exhausted! I came home and munched on some grapes just because I was tired and wanted

This morning I woke up still tired and had a bowl of cereal as usual and my travel mug of coffee (alittle stronger than normal) I was then off to work (I walked again). Oh and before I left I snacked on some peanuts because I was cranky and just hungry.

Lunch was yogurt and pineapple and a cookie, I know so exciting. I was then off to the gym after work and did about 1.8 miles, since I had walked about a half mile to and from work. I also lifted alittle, my body is just so tired I figured not to push it I just feel yucky!

I came home and showered and had a nice big salad with romaine, roasted red peppers, red onions, carrots, and cabbage. I also threw on some croutons and Newman's Own Dijon Mustard dressing. I also had the end of my left over veggie loaf with some tomato sauce :)

We tried to go for a walk on the boardwalk and it was WINDY!! It ended up being a very short walk about a half mile. Instead we went and walked around Foodtown and bought some food for the next couple days. I came home and cleaned up, did some ab work and ate another cookie. It is now time to read some blogs and relax.

I hope everyone had a great last couple of days!!! see you tomorrow :-D

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