Monday, September 22, 2008

First Payment Down!

Hello all!
I hope everyone had a great Monday like I did! I woke up sleepy, chowed down on some Special K Vanilla Almond with banana, cinnamon and LF soymilk. I took my cofee to go today in my travel mug and was off. I only had 6 kids today and it was great!!! I was happy and the morning flew by, we played outside and did some sponge painting and dancing :-D

Lunch was in my car while on the phone trying to figure some things out about the wedding. I had a Genisoy arctic mint protein bar and some pineapple (for pic since I was in the car on the phone)

Around snack time I had a decent size handful of raisins, just alittle something for the belly since the kids were eating and all ;)

I went to the gym today and did 2 miles on the treadmill and some upper body lifting and came home to go and put in our first deposit for The Breakers :-D We are very excited. We finally got home around 5:15 and I was hungry, so I decided on a Chicken, Spinach and Mushroom Lean Cuisine panini for dinner and some leftover fries from last nightI had them with some BBQ sauce and some Honey Mustard from Wegmans. I'm a big "dipping" person! I sat and enjoyed it completely, I love how something so easy can be so enjoyable! It really hit the spot tonight, and filled me up maybe too much!

Adam and I then went for a walk around near our apartment, about a mile and a half. I'm now all clean and relaxing with a cookie and reading some blogs. ooopps took a bite out of it then remembered to take the picture :-p

Have a great night! I'll try to post tomorrow after work but I need to be on the road by 4:50 to get to my cousins house for the New Kids On The Block concert at the Izod center. Should be an interesting night!! I'll try and take lots of pictures ;)


  1. I'm not a big fan of Lean Cuisines but yours looks great on that plate. :)