Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Busy One!

Hi all!
Here's my recap of my busy day :-D

breakfast was the usual cereal Special K, banana and cinnamon with LF soymilk and my big old travel mug of coffee. I drove today since we were supposed to get rain in the early afternoon. For lunch (it was pizza day for the kids) the teachers got an antipasto, so I had some lettuce, sundried tomatoes, peppers, olives (both black and green) one piece of some type of salamish type meat, and alittle ham/turkey that was rolled.Didn't have my camera with me for the salad. I put some of the dressing that came with it on too! I was pretty good and I enjoyed it for a different lunch, on the side on had my pineapple that I had brought for lunch.

After work I ran to the gym and did about 2.25 miles and came home and got in the shower. It was then time to start on dinner, which was Annie's Mac and Cheese with tuna for me. Adam had the mac and cheese with 2 turkey hot dogs, I tried a bite and they were YUMMY! OH and we also each had a pickle on the side, I saw them in the fridge and NEEDED one.. hahah

We then ran to Wegman's because we planned out some meals for the weekend (this is a very rare thing for us to plan more than one meal!!) I came home and did a few things and ate a chocolate chip cookie and some peanuts, they were calling my name. The cookie and peanuts were in my belly before I realized I forgot to take a picture.. OOPPS! I am finally relaxing and I'm pretty pooped! I can't wait for tomorrow at 3:30!!

Hope everyone had a great Thursday! One more day to go!! :-D

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