Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Night of Freedom

Hi Everyone! I feel like a little kid getting ready for the night before school! Do I have all my pencils sharpened? Do I have my notebooks ready? lol I spent the afternoon writing in names into my roll book and updating my class list and the days the kiddies are coming. I think I'm all set! I figure the first few weeks are going to be tough on the little ones just leaving mommy and daddy. So its gonna be lots of cuddling time for them and me.
Adam came over for dinner and we had one of my favorite dinners from growing up that my dad makes. His father used to make it all the time and when I was younger I named it "Poppy's Stew" I don't really know what goes into it besides veal (I know some won't be too happy to see it.. but I didn't know any better when I was little and its my comfort food) sour cream and tomato paste. I ate it with some potato gnochi and a small piece of bagel to dip into the yummy sauce! My dad had actually made it last week to bring up to my uncle who passed away the day he made it :( So I think he wanted it out of the house ASAP and gave it to me to eat.

We were then off to the boardwalk for a stroll, it was a nice night up there again so we did about 2 miles. I really had to work off that heavy meal too! When I came back even though I was not even close to being hungry I had one of my sugar free jello puddings because my nerves are alittle shot for tomorrow and I decided I deserved it... hahahhaI'm off to watch some Food Network and relax, I've got an early morning tomorrow :)

Have a great night

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