Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hanna is Gone!

Well this BIG storm the Jersey Shore was supossed to get was not too bad at all! I know this is a good thing, but I was looking forward to something alittle bigger. (I love a good storm, nothing to harm anyone though!) We did get stuck in the rain yesterday leaving Walmart though, which was fun ;) I had my usual yogurt,berries and granola for lunch yesterday and felt much better until we left A&P for dinner goods. I got a salad and tuna because after my little binge yesterday I thought I'd go light, Adam made himself a Buffalo steak with asparagus and potatoes! He's the chef in this family ;) I'm just the dessert maker! Once we got home though I got the worst heartburn, I felt so sick and yucky!! I then decided salad with dressing would equal hell for my tummy, I then decided something warm and gooey would make me all better so a grilled cheese was the winner! Still probably not the best idea for heartburn but it did go away. I had 2 slices of ff cheese on Arnold German Dark bread and wow was it yummy. I also had some pickles and sweet potato fries on the side. (I was cranky and forgot to take a picture before I started to eat I just wanted the heartburn to go away!) Adam however did take a picture of his food and let me tell you it tasted as good as it looks! I think if I had to eat red meat I would choose buffalo/bison. It is much leaner than cow and I just like the flavor more. Not that I am a huge red meat eater anymore but I know a good piece of beef when I taste one :-p
Since it was rainy and yucky out we decided to play some wii, I kicked his but in bowling but he beat me everything else we played. HAHAH I bowled for 13 years in a league and then on the highschool team, yes I was a BIG DORK!!! I was also a cheerleader too so I quess it all equals out ;)
This morning I was up bright and early and STARVING. I decided on a bowl of cereal as usual because my banana was on its last leg and we are going to a pig roast for my brother's fire department. This is not how I'd really want to spend my Sunday, looking at a little piggy cooking :( but its a fundraiser for the people that keep us safe so I quess I can go and hang out. I'll probably end up having a burger or something and a nice cold beer, which sounds tasty! I'm off to walk to Rite Aid to pick up some Kashi cereal that is on sale and then to school to make photocopies. I don't want to have to get to work early tomorrow.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend :-D
And thank you for understanding my need to vent yesterdy. It made me feel so much better knowing that I'm not the only one who has a eating "off" day.

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  1. i love a good storm too...cause we never have any REAL storms out here where i live..boooo....

    and glad you feel better this morning after your heart burn!!!

    and also happy to hear your feel better after your vent...we all have to do it every once in a while!