Thursday, September 11, 2008


Thank goodness back to school night flew by! We were done in less than an hour! I was told by one of my co workers she saw my papers shaking.. hahahah oopps. I'm so not a fan of this public speaking thing, especially when its about something so important! THEIR CHILDREN! But I got threw it.
Onto the foods of the day.. Just the usuals for breakfast cereal (Total and Kashi Go Lean Crunch) banana and skim milk (I'm all out of soy and almond milks) and some yummy iced coffee.

Lunch was Dannon Light and Fit and cantalope which really hit the spot today. I could not wait for lunch, I had 13 kiddies today!! I was not really even hungry but was in desperate need of some "Megan Time" I was a slacker today and didn't go to the gym! I realized walking back and forth to work 2x today even though its a very short walk would be enough. I wanted some time to relax and think about what I was going to talk about tonight!

I came home and had a handful of grapes and a few peanuts, damn stress eating! Once again not really hungry but just the nerves kicking in.

Dinner was this yummy veggie chicken salad sammy that I get from the health food store I used to work at. I used to live on these things when I worked there and got discounts ;) I also had some sweet potato fries on the side, and had a few bread and butter pickles right out of the jar. I realized I forgot to take a picture so I had already eaten 1/4 of my sandwich and most of the fries! I was in a hurry to be ready in time.

I came home from the school and made some coffee and had a super charge me cookie, I need some down time now and thought this would be the best choice. There was lots of snacky stuff at school that I made myself say no to so I figured I deserved something sweet :-D
sorry aboyt the crappy picture.. I think I was still alittle shaky!!

I hope everyone had a great Thursday! One more day until the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Congrats on getting through it. I bet you did great. Were you early childhood or el. ed?