Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Munchie Kinda Day!

Lets see I was woke up at 1:15 am by my neighbor upstairs yelling at his cat to go upstairs! UGH.. I felt like I barely slept after that, and woke up with HUGE PUFFY EYES! I made myself a bowl of cereal (kashi go lean crunch and total) with skim milk, cinnamon and banana. I of course had my coffee in the travel mug to bring to work. I walked again and I could tell my allergies are kicking my butt! I had a hard time breathing and it was down hill!!
The day went pretty smooth up to lunch, I had yogurt and an apple while I called a few places for our reception, we have 2 appointments on Sunday morning! I'm excited :-D I then had a handful of peanuts at 1:30ish. I was hungry all afternoon it was crazy! I inhaled my food in 2 minutes and an hour and a half later felt like I hadn't eaten at all. The afternoon didn't go as smooth as the morning since we combine 2 classes, I have the 2 and 3 years olds. I had a new boy bite one girl and 2 other boys fist fighting! AHHHH

After work I walked back home and got ready for the gym, I did 2 miles and lifted. I came home and showered and had an almond butter and jelly sandwich on German dark wheat bread. OMG how I have missed almond butter! It was the fresh ground kind from Whole Foods I was so happy! I also had some pickles (random I know) and pretzels on the side. We then ran out to Food town to pick up some salad (for tomorrow night) and other random things. We are now home and relaxing, well Adam is on wedding duty figuring out his side of the guest list. I'm eating a yummy dark chocolate sugar free pudding with some whipped cream on top! What a perfect way to end the day!


  1. what a nice way to end the day! and fist fight! crazy!

  2. I know you feel uncomfortable if you eat more than 100 calories for lunch and fill up quickly otherwise, but really, you NEED to be eating at least your BMR everyday, PLUS whatever you are burning through exercise and normal daily activity. It doesn't appear that you are. Your body is probably in starvation mode.